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DECTRIS Ltd. introduces two new detectors of the PILATUS3 family at the Denver X-Ray Conference

(PresseBox) (Westminster, USA, ) At the Denver X-ray Conference 2015, DECTRIS introduces two new detectors of the PILATUS3 R and X product lines replacing the successful PILATUS 100K. The PILATUS3 R 100K-A is an ideal detector for laboratory instruments, whereas the PILATUS3 X 100K-A provides ultimate performance for the most demanding synchrotron applications.


The PILATUS3 R 100K-A is DECTRIS' most economical 2D detector. It delivers all advantages of Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology in an easy-to-use, service- and maintenance-free detector system. A large, continuous active area of 84 by 34 millimeters and a maximum frame rate of 20 Hz allow for fast and accurate measurements of XRD data. The radiation-hard design of PILATUS3 has proven its robustness at many synchrotron beamlines. It can easily withstand the radiation exposure in laboratory instruments, providing a highly reliable detector. Air-cooled and fully media-free, the PILATUS3 R 100K-A is the most easy-to-operate PILATUS detector yet.

"The PILATUS3 family of detectors features unrivaled count rate performance with the capability to detect more than 4 million counts per second and pixel at 8 keV. This ensures accurate data even when measuring strongly diffracting samples with the brightest laboratory sources. The new PILATUS3 100K-A is the perfect detector to make this advantage available for laboratory XRD measurements," states Marcus Müller, Product Manager Laboratory and Industry at DECTRIS.


The PILATUS3 X 100K-A offers the advantage of substantially higher performance than its predecessor, the venerable PILATUS 100K. The major improvements are a maximum frame rate of 500 Hz, a readout time of 0.95 ms and count rates of more than 10 million counts per second and pixel thanks to DECTRIS Instant Retrigger. Like its laboratory counterpart in the PILATUS3 R series, it is fully media-free and easy to operate.

"The PILATUS 100K is a versatile and popular HPC detector, sold more than 370 times since 2006. At DECTRIS we are pleased to offer now the PILATUS3 X 100K A that features not only higher performance, but is also easier to operate and more economical than its predecessor," says Stefan Brandstetter, Product Manager Synchrotron at DECTRIS.

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As the technology leader in X-ray detection, DECTRIS aims to continuously improve measurement quality to enable new findings and innovative results in science and industry. DECTRIS X-ray detectors make optimum use of the company's pioneering hybrid photon counting (HPC) technology. It has transformed basic research at synchrotron light sources, as well as in laboratory and industrial X-ray applications worldwide. For more information, visit or call +41.56.500.2100