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DECTRIS Ltd. Announces New MYTHEN2 R Microstrip X-Ray Detectors for OEM use in Laboratory Diffractometers

(PresseBox) (Baden, Switzerland, ) DECTRIS Ltd. has announced its new generation of MYTHEN2 R high-performance microstrip X-ray detectors for OEM use in laboratory and portable diffractometers.

The new MYTHEN2 R series feature full-range Ti to Ag detection, supreme signal-to-noise ratios, a new control system, the ability to be combined into larger systems, and new compact size -making the series suitable for any diffractometer geometry from portable instruments to large multi-modular systems.

"The new MYTHEN2 R microstrip detectors take full advantage of our successful Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology to expand their utility for OEMs even further in designing laboratory X-ray analysis instruments for high-throughput applications," said Marcus Mueller, Ph.D., Product Manager OEM at DECTRIS Ltd..

Features of the new MYTHEN2 R microstrip X-ray detectors include:
- Two compact, symmetrical module designs for easy integration in any diffractometer and budget - including the 1280 strip module for laboratory diffractometers, and the 640 strip module (featuring media-free operation) for portable diffractometers and robots for stress measurements.
- Wide angular coverage - supported by the new Detector Control System (DCS4), which allows for the simultaneous operation of up to four modules. The coverage is achieved with a gap of only 6 mm between the sensitive areas of the modules.
- The world's smallest strip width - 50 microns - with availability in three thicknesses (320, 450, and 1000 microns) and two lengths (4 mm and 8 mm).
- Optimal signal-to-noise ratios at low X-ray energies (Ti- and Cr- radiation) in the new 4 mm strip length. Coupled with the supreme readout time, it enables measurements using Ti-radiation and paves the way for in situ residual stress analysis.
- The maximum sensitive area and resolution for all X-ray analyses in the standard 8 mm length. Combined with a 1000 micron sensor and Ag radiation, it brings PDF analysis from synchrotron source to laboratory.

Applications for the new MYTHEN2R series include:
- X-ray powder diffraction and scattering techniques
- Residual stress measurements
- Thin film and texture analysis
- PDF analysis
- Dispersive fluorescence spectroscopy

A MYTHEN2 R detector system consists of 1 to 4 MYTHEN2 detector modules (1K or 1D); a Detector Control System (DCS4); a power supply and connecting cables. Mono-modular MYTHEN2 R systems are available in CE-certified housing. Multi-modular systems are offered as set of modules, each in individual CE-certified housing.

The new series of MYTHEN2 R microstrip X-ray detectors is immediately available from DECTRIS, Inc. For more information, visit the DECTRIS website at or call 0041.56.500.2100

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As the technology leader in X-ray detection, DECTRIS aims to continuously improve measurement quality to enable new findings and innovative results in science and industry. DECTRIS X-ray detectors make optimum use of the company's pioneering hybrid photon counting (HPC) technology. It has transformed basic research at synchrotron light sources, as well as in laboratory and industrial X-ray applications worldwide. For more information, visit or call 0041.56.500.2100