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Record, monitor and optimise vital power and environmental values in the data centre with the latest wire-free monitoring technology

Daxten offers a preview of the latest generation of Packet Power wire-free monitoring products

(PresseBox) (London, ) In a data centre, the key to distributing loads optimally, structuring power usage more efficiently, saving energy and protecting yourself from the threat of system failures is understanding your power consumption and environmental parameters. To do this, you need a monitoring tool that reliably records and bundles the necessary data, e.g. volts, amps, watts, power use, frequency, power factor, apparent power and consumption peaks, at all distribution levels and processes for analysis purposes. This tool should also measure and display temperature, differential pressure and humidity in the data centre environment. These measurements can be handled by a particularly innovative monitoring solution that uses wire-free technology and thus eliminates the need to spend a lot of time and effort on cabling and setup. What’s more, every data centre or facility expert can get start off with the basic configuration and adjust or extend the system as needed. Daxten, a specialist for data centre optimisation, will soon be offering the third generation of Packet Power monitoring products which rely on wire-free based technology and have a whole range of new and useful functions. The latest generation is fully compatible with the existing Packet Power wireless monitoring systems.

Included in the modular Packet Power monitoring product family are the smart power cables which integrate the metering module for recording the power data right into a power cable (230V, 16A, 32A and others). This cable simply replaces the existing power cable for active IT devices. There are also power measurement modules that can be integrated into existing distribution boxes, end feed housings or PDU power strips. Power use can be monitored in detail at every distribution level. The product range also includes the EM monitoring module for recording temperature, humidity and differential pressure in the rack or in other critical areas of the data centre. The gateway is the centrepiece: all measurements are wirelessly transferred from the monitoring modules to the gateway and to either internal system administrative tool called the EMX portal by SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP or routed to any other BMS or DCIM application.

New functions and features

What is true for previous generations also holds true for the third generation: once Packet Power products have been positioned and activated, they automatically dial into a dedicated wire-free network, configure themselves and start taking measurements. The new modules can use the 2.4 GHz range in addition to the frequencies 860/900MHz. The transferred measurements consolidate at the new EG3 gateway which now has a local display for the first time which shows the operating status and configuration. The new 3-phase power measurement module which can be integrated into PDUs, plug-in boxes and distribution boxes has a similar display. The three-digit LED shows the values for current, voltage and output for every phase on a rolling basis. And last but not least, an LED was also added to the EM monitoring modules in addition to new monitoring sensors which can be easily plugged in and out of the EM unit and extended up to a maximum of 15m with an extension cord. Environmental conditions can be read at close proximity in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit (temperature), percent (relative humidity) or Pascal (differential pressure) which a single EM module and, depending on the desired configuration, can record for one to six racks.

Keep a close eye on power and environmental data

With the exception of locally, measurements can also be assessed and analysed remotely via the new EMX portal once they have been transferred from the EG3 Gateway via SNMP or TCP/IP Modbus. According to the manufacturer, the improved and more intuitive user interface as well as more sophisticated data processing for actual and trend reports make this a particularly easy process. Users can tailor and customise the dashboard displays (tables or diagrams), reports and alerts using newly added parameters such as time zone, minimum, maximum and average calculation, partial assessments of time zones and measurements from specific monitoring units as well as by fine-tuning settings to trigger an alert when set values are exceeded.

Scalable and compatible

The third generation of the Packet Power wireless monitoring system can be easily implemented thanks to the wireless technology and can be scaled both cost-effectively and precisely due to its modularity. Users benefit from functional enhancements and the new local displays located on the modules as well as from the further optimised management tool. The scope of application has also been expanded through support for the 2.4 GHz range. Your investment is protected as a result of full compatibility with previous generations.

Advance information on the new Packet Power monitoring products is available from Daxten at, or +44 (0)20 8991 6200.

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