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Daxten presents its new CoolControl Containment system for data centres at Data Centre World 2011

(PresseBox) (London, ) Daxten, a leading provider of data centre cooling optimisation solutions, enhanced its CoolControl Curtain system to be a complete hybrid and modular containment solution - CoolControl Containment. This solution enables data centre and facility managers to contain their cold and/or hot aisles in either a soft or solid structure. The skeletal structure for this is a solid aluminium profile that can be installed as a self-supporting frame either under the ceiling, along walls or over cabinets in server rooms or data centres. The aluminium profiles allow for using soft, inert, antistatic and self-extinguishing curtains or solid synthetic, glass and fibre panels or a combination of the both to contain any rack row in the hot and/or cold aisle. The solution is designed to fit to any rack regardless of height or width and is easy to install, especially in data centres that have grown over the time with racks from different vendors. The CoolControl Containment solution optional integrates blanking panels for sealing free vertical U space in the cabinets to prevent the recirculation of hot exhaust air back into the cold aisle. For moving the cooled air from the raised floor to the front of the cabinets in an optimised manner the containment solution can be enhanced by installing passive perforated floor tiles (Daxten CoolControl Tile). Combined with the CoolControl Xpand, a unique expandable and very cost-efficient synthetic material designed to seal cable openings in the floor under 19” racks, bypass airflow loss can be eliminated. To make the containment solution even more interesting, the aluminium profile can be used to set up cage compartments with metal security panels or stainless steel cages for co-location housing purposes. Daxten will introduce the new CoolControl Containment system at DataCentreWorld in London on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2011 on stand C37.

“Our goal was to develop a comprehensive, purely mechanical containment solution that enables DC and facility managers to optimise the airflow and cooling efficiency in their server rooms with minimal investments and an ROI within months and not years”, stated Chad Rislov, Founder and Managing Director at Daxten. As a result the new CoolControl Containment system enables DC managers to eliminate thermal imbalances caused by the recirculation of hot exhaust air. Existing fire-protection systems that cannot be integrated into conventional containment solutions are also supported. In addition, the modular design offers users the choice of “soft” containment with curtains or “solid” containment with solid panels or in a combination of both. The problem of containing heterogeneous and “Manhattan Skyline” rack environments with different rack dimensions and rack vendors can be solved by using the Daxten containment system. It is future-proof and protects the customers investment as it is easily extendable “on demand” and offers unique removal and reusable sections.

Cooling optimisation, energy savings and quick ROI

According to the EU Code of Conduct and US-Uptime Institute Data Centre Efficiency guidelines and best practices, containing the hot or cold aisle is one of the most effective methods to increase the energy efficiency in data centres. Experts state that the optimisation potential is between 20 and 30 percent. It is possible to change from cooling the whole server room to cooling exclusively the contained cold aisle. The difference between the temperature in the cold and hot aisle should be at least 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Through the increasing temperature of the cold aisle significant savings can be achieved. For every degree Celsius increase in temperature a savings of 3-5% is possible.

Integrating further Daxten CoolControl components help optimise the airflow (blanking panels for cabinets, sealing cable openings, 65% perforated floor tiles) in the contained area increasing the effectiveness of the cooling units. Efficient cooling leads to lower energy and running costs. Typical ROI for the Daxten CoolControl systems are between 6 and 9 months.

Increased server reliability and life-time, downtime protection and cooling buffer

In addition to the economic benefits the Daxten containment solutions have functional advantages: regulating humidity, keeping air pressure consistent and keeping temperatures uniform in the contained aisle which increase the durability of servers and protects against hardware failure and downtime caused by overheating. In the event of a cooling system outage the CoolControl containment system provides a cooling buffer of up to 35 minutes for the servers – enough time to potentially fix the problem or reactivate the cooling units.

Housing and co-location service providers will be interested to hear of the option to integrate metal security panels or stainless steel cages into the Daxten containment system. Mounted on the aluminium frame profiles caged co-location compartments can be easily installed and changed as well as being integrated as an integral part of a hot or cold aisle containment solution.

Get your free demo of the Daxten CoolControl Containment system at DataCentreWorld Expo on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2011, stand C37, Olympia/ London.

This solution is available from Daxten with immediate effect. For further information please contact Daxten on +44 (0)20 8991 6200, or

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