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A golden opportunity for an alliance between Server Technology and Daxten for efficient power distribution in data centers

Leading provider of rack PDU solutions and London-based data centre supplier become Gold Partners

(PresseBox) (London, ) Data centre and facility managers place a premium on ensuring that power distribution in their data centre is not only reliable and safe, but also uses energy and resources efficiently. After all, it acts as a "lifeline" for all active components and IT devices in data Centre’s whilst at the same time being a mission-critical element: the IT services and productivity of many companies depend on the reliability and efficiency of power distribution. And, it is precisely in this field that the two companies Server Technology and Daxten came together several years ago. Their cooperation in the rack PDU sector has been so successful that they are ready to take it to the highest level: Gold Partners. Effective immediately, Daxten partners now have access to Server Technology's complete portfolio of PDUs, transfer switches and solutions for monitoring power use at rack level. They also benefit from the direct and comprehensive support provided by the London-based data centre specialists.

"Server Technology solutions have always been the ideal fit for our product range of integrated power distribution and monitoring of power in the data centre, whether it is at building, room, rack or IT device level. The reason being that they play an important role in optimally distributing power loads at rack level, ensuring a redundant power supply as well as being able to monitor vital power parameters," says Chad Rislov, founder and Managing Director of Daxten. "When it comes to data centre operators, we're preaching to the converted with Server Technology products. Almost any strategy paper or system specification today emphasises how important it is to design the power supply to be fail-safe, load-balanced, energy efficient and to make targeted investments in the technology needed to make sure this happens."

With rack PDUs in all conventional power designs and with a wide range of functions, the Server Technology portfolio is an enhanced help to meet the exact requirements in individual server rooms, small and medium-sized data Centre’s as well as large-scale data centre infrastructures: available, for example, are 1- or 3-phase PDUs with different currents (16, 32, 63 up to 100 amps) and between 2 and 84 outlets for every power strip. Particularly interesting for tightly packed rack environments with a high power density are the recently introduced PDU power strips known as HDOT (High Density Outlet Technology). They offer up to 42 C13 connections in a single row with a length of 42U and have an optional integrated locking mechanism for the connections. According to the manufacturer, other individual and tailored PDU configurations are available upon request.

Depending on the model, the PDUs can be controlled by serial or IP connection and ports can be sequentially switched off and on again remotely. They also have monitoring devices for the most important power parameters and/or sensors to track temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. Several hundred power strips can be controlled and managed for the entire site using the management application known as Sentry Power Manager. Actual and trend reports on power use and consumption are also made available to the user for accurate billing.

"We have chosen Daxten, a supplier known throughout Europe for smart solutions for data centre optimisation, to be our Gold Partner. They have vast experience in the data centre project business and access to all key strategic customers who will now benefit even more from the advantages of our technology for efficient distribution and use of power in racks “says Marc Marazzi, Vice President International Sales at Server Technology.” The Daxten specialists will give targeted support to users and dealers in project planning, implementation and post-sales and show how they can innovate to structure and optimise their power infrastructure or that of their customers with a view to the long term and to the future.

The entire Server Technology product family is now available from Daxten. For further information please contact Daxten on, or by phone at +44 (0)20 8991 6200.

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Daxten was founded in 1994 as Dakota Computer Solutions. As a manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions, Daxten is at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency within the data centre. The company offers cutting edge cooling optimisation (CoolControl), power distribution and monitoring solutions which improve the resource efficiency and reliability of the data centre. Daxten is headquartered in London and Berlin. For further information please visit

About Server Technology

Server Technology's experts produce the highest quality rack mount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. The leading innovator since 1984, Server Technology created the intelligent cabinet PDU market and holds the largest number of patents in that industry. Serving the Data Center and Carrier markets, Server Technology offers the most extensive selection of cabinet PDUs to manage power usage for servers, storage and network equipment. Based on the innovative Server Technology Quality Power Architecture (QPA), Sentry CDUs and Sentry Power Manager provide the industry's most accurate information to maximize rack density, reduce overloading and monitor energy efficiency. All Sentry CDUs are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and are 100% performance tested for reliability and accuracy. Server Technology QPA eliminates single points of failure, reducing downtime and costs. The modular architecture is flexible and enables quick delivery of solutions that meet customer-specific requirements. Server Technology gives IT and Infrastructure Professionals the control to make accurate capacity planning decisions, reduce risks, and meet energy efficiency goals. For further information please visit