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DAVID Systems to Present New and Enhanced Product Portfolio at IBC

(PresseBox) (München, ) Highlighting its enormous possibilities to produce, manage, transfer and administrate content DAVID Systems will showcase new products as well as enhancements to its proven technologies to illustrate the company's leadership in developing solutions for the broadcast industry at this year's IBC. Integrated digital production, shared and streamlined workflows, content management with media-spanning access to all kind of material, content exchange and distribution and intelligent archive solutions are the main areas in which DAVID Systems products and technologies help optimizing and accelerating the broadcasters' daily work.

Content Management and Administration - DAVID Systems' streamlined broadcast production system, workflow focused, highly scalable and with an open architecture

New: Database Manager version 4 preview - featuring enhanced multimedia and customization functionality, CartWall support, collection element (see below), enhanced metadata handling, improved newsroom integration.

New: Collection element - integrated in DBM v4, table-spanning, referencing basket to collect contributions with similar topics.

The newly developed Collection Element helps to keep track of the large number of elements stored in the various database tables. It contains comprehensive references to similar or identical topics but has a unique database ID and its own set of metadata. That way it can be used like a normal entry. Copying of database entries, as usual with other techniques, is no longer necessary.

Content Distribution - DAVID Systems' highly efficient "Moves Media" applications for the global exchange of media data

New: DigaTransfer System version 2 - featuring "speaking file names", improved import routines for 3rd party systems, transfer status notification and update to .net 2

New: DigaMailbox IP version 2 - featuring networked, bi-directional file exchange, e.g. for correspondent offices, enhanced download functionality incl. download from depot or from other clients, integration of Media Component Library to transcode video files on-the-fly

Media Production - DAVID Systems' combined digital production system for radio, TV, and Internet content

New: DigaToolbar - a customizable dashboard with optimized chat system integrating DBM entries to accelerate team news production; also to launch other applications and keep users aware of important system events... more info available:

New: StoryEditor - a universal pre-production tool for radio newsroom integration combining text and audio in a single application; multi-user production; direct export to BCS scheduler... more info available:

New: DigaFTP - a service for the transfer of files into DigaSystem CMS, control of simple FTP server functions by third-party systems, enables direct docking without polling... more info available:

Radio Broadcasting - DAVID Systems' radio OnAir automation including rich media and surround sound playout

New: Multiplayer version 3 - new audio engine, featuring 16 playout channels, ASIO-2 support, video and graphics playout

Hydrogen Products and Central Services - DAVID Systems' powerful middleware tools, transcoding framework and archive solutions

New: Media Component Library (MCL) - new comprehensive media framework, based on plug-ins, centrally administrable transcoding and render service, continuous read-while-write support, automated background processing...more info available:

New: LoRes Manager - featuring automatic generation of low-res copies, database alignment to indentify missing low-res copies, error reporting, configurable low-res formats...more info available:

New: Hydrogen-DigaSystem bundles - Hydrogen Media Accelerator/Atom Factory bundled with DigaTransfer System to integrate Final Cut Pro or other NLEs in the DigaSystem workflow

New: Hydrogen Lifecycle Management - backbone information system to glue together all components of modern media workflows including most different 3rd party systems and environments, works as one, co-operating system with a common set of information infrastructure from acquisition to archive... more info available:

For more information about DAVID Systems and its products and services, please visit the company online at

DAVID Systems GmbH

DAVID Systems has been developing products and system solutions for the broadcast market since 1991, with a focus on radio, TV, and associated Internet services. DAVID Systems is an abbreviation of Digital Audio & Video Integration & Development.

The broad product portfolio represents all fields in a typical broadcast workflow as a single, unified system environment - from multimedia production to data exchange and file transfer through to play-out and broadcast process control. DAVID Systems products are, without exception, network capable, centrally administrable, based on standard industry platforms, and use a shared content management system. Open interfaces facilitate integration with third-party systems.

A highly motivated team in Germany and the US ensure that new trends are recognized quickly, evaluated, and rapidly implemented in close consultation with our customers and partners. DAVID Systems' client base includes well-known broadcast organizations, some with over 2,000 networked workstations in both European and North American core markets.