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Online banking – as secure as a Swiss safety deposit box

The Swiss PostFinance has stepped up online banking security. From now on, CORONIC GmbH's online security check is available to all the bank's clients / It detects critical security vulnerabilities in PCs and helps users remedy them

(PresseBox) (Bern/Kiel, ) In the entire world, Switzerland is synonymous with safety when it comes to money. Swiss safety deposit boxes are theft-proof and Swiss banking secrecy is world famous. However, the days of money transfers in the form of bank notes, securities and precious metals have long gone. Online banking is now all the rage. Today, 70 per cent of all accounts are managed online. But on the internet, even Swiss banking secrecy is not much use... Whoever surfs online is taking risks: computer viruses, spyware and data thieves are lurking about, looking for innocent victims, especially when they are banking online. That is why the Swiss PostFinance searched for the best way to protect its clients. And they found an incredibly simple and effective answer to their question! From now on, all clients of the largest online banking service supplier in Switzerland have access to the PostFinance Browser Check for free, at: This computer security product, manufactured by the German computer security company CORONIC GmbH, has been tried and tested, and it works just like an online MOT. Just by pressing a single key, the user's Internet browser is scanned for typical weaknesses, and the Browser detects them and repairs them. CORONIC's security check is already used by many banks and savings banks in Germany and Italy.


CORONIC GmbH has been active in the field of internet application security and data protection for many years. It also carries out fully automatic audits and protection of PC systems. Many banks and insurance companies have chosen the company as their technology partner and it manages several security portals for financial service providers.