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Scratch-resistant surfaces make commercial vehicles more comfortable and economical

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- Materials elude sharp objects
- Scratches are a thing of the past
- Spotlight is on TEPEO 2® Protect and DecoJect™

ContiTech company Benecke-Kaliko, one of the world's leading producers of surface materials for passenger car interiors, is expanding into commercial vehicles. All commercial vehicle activity - from light transporters to heavy trucks - is combined into a single segment. At the IAA, the spotlight is on the especially scratch-resistant materials TEPEO 2® Protect and DecoJect™, amongst other products.

Commercial vehicles and buses are often exposed to harsh operating conditions. In order for the surfaces in the cab to look their best, even after a long period of time, the ContiTech company Benecke-Kaliko has developed materials that have a very special feature: They elude sharp objects, generally making scratches a thing of the past. The scratch resistance of the surface material TEPEO 2® Protect is based on a polymer material developed just for this purpose. It is additionally sealed with an extremely friction-resistant polyurethane varnish. This wards off the danger of damage from frequent cleaning with normal cleaning agents.

Alternative to painted injection-molded parts
The second scratch-resistant material is called DecoJect™. Compared to painted injection-molded parts, it is a cost-efficient alternative and a real upgrade to the interior. The change in decor is very easy and many variable and diverse designs are available. With the new TPO-based 0.2-to-0.5-mm-thin DecoJect™ foil, the matter of changing colors is nowhere near the cumbersome process it is with an injection molded surface, where, for every switch, the molding line first has to be completely emptied of material in the one color and then run in with material in the new color. With Benecke-Kaliko's new thin foil, the component can be produced the whole time with the one back injection material, even when the surface design is switched. This saves time and makes for less scrap. The gloss level can be adjusted with the foil to match the interior; there are no limits when it comes to decorative prints and effect coatings.

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