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High-Quality Hoses from ContiTech for the Hygienic Flow of Liquids

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- Lines for transporting all types of media
- One of Germany's leading manufacturers of brand-name hoses
- Integral customer support
- Close distribution partnership with technical dealers

With more than 100 years' experience in the production of elastomer hoses, ContiTech AG is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of high-performance hoses and hose lines for industry, trade, commerce and agriculture. These are in use wherever flexible connections are required to reliably conduct fluids, gases and solid substances.

High material and manufacturing competence

Each of these applications poses specific demands in terms of material and design. ContiTech ensures that its high-quality hoses reliably and permanently satisfy all requirements of commercial and industrial use. It does this thanks to its materials expertise, development responsibility, state-of-the-art testing technology, flexible production lines, product-specific manufacturing processes, process-integrated quality assurance, automated finish controls and ecosensitive production.

High-performance hoses for trouble-free operation

Whether it's the AQUAPAL® drinking water hose, the LACTOPAL® and LACTOPAL® L food hoses, the robust FLUOROPAL® multi-purpose hose, the COLLECTOR® and COLLECTOR® FLEX milk collection hoses or the BLAUDIECK® and PURPLE SNAKE® beverage hoses - ContiTech's range of brand-name hoses meets all national and international hygiene requirements. Specific rubber compounds, sophisticated process technology, high-quality reinforcement materials and professional fitting of couplings with the BLAUDIECK® and PAGUFIX® 3000 hose coupling systems ensure the hygienic flow of media, long hose life and maximum operational reliability - even under severe stress loads.

Integral customer support

In the food and beverage industries and other sensitive areas, users are expected to be very much up on legal regulations and the latest cleansers and sanitizers. ContiTech addresses this by complementing its development and product expertise with full-service customer care. It includes qualified consultation with the customer as well as intensive development partnership. ContiTech also cooperates closely with technical dealers, whose expertise, advisory competence and comprehensive customer service - from installation and testing through to servicing of hose lines - make them an important link between manufacturers and users. As an example of this type of distribution partnership, ContiTech is joining up with Sahlberg GmbH to present its high-performance water, beer and beverage hoses at Brau Beviale 2012. As supplier of industrial technology and occupational health and safety equipment, the Munich-based family business has been providing companies with intelligent solutions throughout the process chain for over 100 years.

Closely networked

The company's development engineers are up against new challenges every day: a multitude of new hose technology applications, statutory regulations and the sheer range of media involved. With success! ContiTech is the benchmark in the market. ContiTech AG is a tightly networked company, with an intensive transfer of know-how that accelerates development work. In keeping with the Engineering Green Value principle, we also always make sure our products are not only highly functional and cost-effective, but also eco-friendly.