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Durable and eco-friendly: The new belt from ContiTech for commercial vehicles

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- V-ribbed belt runs more than 500,000 km
- Maintenance costs are minimized, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions decrease
- Ideal for extreme conditions

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group has expanded its range for commercial vehicles with the addition of a new V-ribbed belt. The CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER, which is designed for front end accessory drives, makes commercial vehicles more reliable and environmentally friendly and offers customers direct added value.

The CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER enables a service life of more than 500,000 km in heavy-duty applications. Due to a new material combination, the belt is particularly flexible. This ensures that it functions perfectly even under extreme conditions, for example when dust or stones work their way into the drive. "In a market where a long service life plays an important role, the reliability of the belt is a key factor," stresses Philip Nelles, Head of the Automotive Original Equipment segment at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. "The long service life minimizes maintenance costs and, in turn, the length of unproductive time a vehicle spends in the garage." Compared with standard belts, the new belt can also reduce power loss in the belt drive system by up to ten percent. This in turn leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER therefore helps the commercial vehicle industry to comply with increasingly stricter requirements regarding lower emissions.

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is initially starting the production of the CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER in China and Europe and is therewith present in two important market with local production. Later on, the belt can be produced at all plants worldwide according to the global specification. This ensures that globally positioned customers all over the world receive the same level of quality and safety. The ContiTech plants are attuned to the high flexibility and low quantities required by the commercial vehicles market, which enables them to deliver products quickly. Customers benefit from the ContiTech Power Transmission Group's decades of experience with commercial vehicle drive belts. The company is one of the world's leading specialists in rubber products, with extensive research and development activities.

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