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ContiTech Bushes Provide Riding Comfort in Innovative Electric Vehicle

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) .
- MEGI® bushes used as elastic joints in the Jetflyer
- Reduce jolting and improve riding comfort
- Elastomer products completely maintenance-free, noiseless, and vibration-isolating

They can attain speeds of 80 km/h, have four wheels, and are electrically powered: "Jetflyer" is the name of this new type of vehicle. It is neither a quad-bike nor a scooter. It could perhaps most accurately be described as a jet-ski for the road. In some countries, these four-wheeled vehicles can already be spotted out on the road. Not only are they safer and more comfortable than a two-wheeled scooter; they are also smaller and cheaper than a car. Developed by e-volution Elektromobilitätskonzepte GmbH, an Austrian company, the vehicle is already in use by the police force in Dubai for traffic monitoring. The homologation process is also underway in Germany. The wheel mountings on this innovative vehicle use ContiTech MEGI® bushes. Positioned between the axle and the wheels, these suspension elements reduce vibration and help deliver a powerful drive.

For decades, the MEGI® brand from ContiTech Vibration Control has stood for rubber-to-metal bonded components of the highest quality. In vehicles like the Jetflyer, the bushes are employed as elastic joints. They can be used in applications with continuous radial or axial loads as well as under angular rotation between -15° and +15° without the rubber and metal moving in relation to one another. A particular advantage is the compressive prestressing applied to the bushes using a special technique. As a result, the MEGI® bushes can absorb large forces under radial loads. Depending on the particular bush used, the load spectrum runs as high as 15 kN. In addition, the elastic joints are completely maintenance-free, noiseless, and capable of reducing vibrations.

"In the innovative Jetflyer, a total of four MEGI® bushes are used on each wheel axle," reports Andreas Ronge, product group sales manager at ContiTech in Austria. "The high quality and superior performance of our bushes deliver a safe and comfortable ride for this electric vehicle of the future."

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