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Young People Ready to Launch Careers

Fifth Continental Student Survey Romania

(PresseBox) (Timisoara, ) .
- Students have very realistic views about career perspectives and how to pursue a career
- Self-confidence of Romanian students grows and results in high expectations
- They see the future in a realistic and optimistic light - students have will to succeed

The students from Romania see their own future career prospects in a positive light. 63% think that their prospects are (very) positive. Nevertheless, confidence in their career prospects has declined slightly in recent years. With 71% in 2009 and 67% in 2011, confidence in future careers has decreased somewhat. These are findings from the fifth Continental Student Survey in Romania. However, students offered a positive assessment of their own competitiveness in an international comparison, with a positive trend: 59% now assess their competitiveness as (very) positive, up from 47% in 2011. In addition, male students have greater trust in their personal competitive advantage - 61% see it in a positive way, compared with only 50% of female students who share this opinion.

The anniversary edition of the long-term study by the international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer, and industry partner Continental on the expectations of Romanian students regarding the world of work, professions, and careers, presented in Timisoara on Monday, was dedicated to the following key questions: What career path do young people dream of? What aspirations in terms of working conditions does the young generation have? For the representative survey, the Institute for Applied Social Sciences, Infas, questioned 1,000 students.

On the career path, earnings, potential benefits, advancement opportunities, and permanent contracts rank very highly on young people's lists when choosing an employer. Elke Strathmann, Continental Executive Board Member and Director of Human Resources, confirmed that the specialist workforce of tomorrow has a clear desire to succeed: "The students see financial security and provision, training, and qualifications, as well as profession and work as the central areas of life at the start of a career. They see their families and partners as important areas of their lives as well, but the areas that advance their career prospects are more important to them. This shows that their will to succeed is most important.

Nevertheless, 49% of the students stated that they would consider putting career ambitions aside for their family. This also shows that women have a keen interest in pursuing a career. While 52% of male students can imagine deferring their profession for their family, only 39% of female students shared this view."

Anica Stoica, HR Country Coordinator Continental Romania, explained: "These results also confirm the need of the professionals of tomorrow for high standards, both in their personal lives as well as in their working environment. At Continental Romania, we try to respond to these needs as efficiently as possible by offering excellent working conditions and benefits such as private medical insurance or sport activities and the like."

"I am happy that students want to pursue a career, and that is one of the facts the Continental survey has shown. It is very important to choose an area we are passionate about in order to be successful professionals. But we should also be aware that it will take several years to acquire the knowledge and information to be able to coach others. Performance is a combination of work and passion, and I am happy to see that young people today still want to achieve a high level of performance in their area of activity," said Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, former cosmonaut and director of the Romanian Office for Science and Technology to the European Union in Brussels.

A job abroad is attractive to students when it offers above-average pay (45%) and the prospect of a better standard of life (36%). Western Europe (70%) and the U.S. (65%) are the work locations rated most highly by young people, whereas the growth regions of Asia and South America are lagging behind (28% for South America and 27% for China). "International experience is and remains a key requirement for getting into the top management of a global corporation. We see it as our task to create opportunities for stints abroad that are beneficial for both sides," said Strathmann. "Therefore, it is good to see that, in addition to 40% of the students who want to work in Romania in the future, 37% of students can imagine working in various regions of Europe. But we have to be honest and recognize that the strategically and economically relevant work locations are the future markets - for example China or South America."

65% of respondents said that the effects on family and relationships or friends and acquaintances (32%) were reasons for not working abroad. "The challenge for the future lies in giving well-qualified young people enough freedom in their working environment to live their family lives, and at the same time have enough security to ensure predictable general conditions. However, the company's requirements must always be kept in mind. Continental certainly wants to give young people the opportunity to expand their horizons in the long term - with mobility, internationality and safety," said Strathmann in summary.

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