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The new Uniroyal MS Plus 77 launches this fall

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) The new Uniroyal MS plus 77 offers additional safety on wet roads, snow, and ice. With new technologies in tread design and rubber compounds, the MS plus 77 ensures good traction on wintry roads as well as high aquaplaning safety and short braking distances. The new winter tyre for cars from the compact class and upwards will be launched this fall with widerange availability.

The Uniroyal MS plus 77 - a good choice in wet winter weather

Many regions of Europe experience more rain than snow in winter. Reason enough to choose a tyre with high aquaplaning safety and excellent wet grip. This coming winter, the wet tyre brand Uniroyal will be showcasing the new MS plus 77. With numerous innovative technical characteristics for driving on wet, icy, or snowy roads, the new winter specialist for cars and SUVs offers enhanced driving safety compared to its tried-and-tested predecessor, the MS plus 66.

The Uniroyal MS plus 77 will be launched with 52 sizes and speed approvals of between 190 km/h and 240 km/h. These include 46 different dimensions for cars with 15- to 18-inch rims and cross-sections of between 65% and 40%. A further six tyre sizes fit rims for SUVs with diameters of between 16 and 18 inches and cross-sections of between 70% and 55%. Right from the outset, the new MS plus 77 covers the market ranging from Golf to luxury class and offers even more options than its predecessor.

New tread concept for exceptional wet-road Performance

The main function of wet tyres is to drain water from the contact surface. The MS plus 77 drains around 25 Liters a second at a speed of 80 km/h. This drainage rate would fill a standard bathtub in six seconds. With this rapid water drainage capability, the new winter tyre reduces the danger of aquaplaning. The rigid, V-shaped tread, which is typical of Uniroyal, is particularly effective in helping to drain water. The sloping V-shape and the wide, open grooves speed up water runoff from the contact surface.

Additional safety is offered by the large, rigid shoulder blocks. These ensure precise handling on wet roads, which is particularly important during maneuvering to avoid sudden obstacles. Additional adhesion is provided by the new silica compound specially developed for the wet tyres. This supports adhesion on cold, wet roads by strongly gripping the road surface.

Multiple sipes and gripping edges - adhesion on snow and ice

The elaborately designed sipe system features multiple small, stepped incisions in the blocks. Thanks to its gripping edges, it ensures a high degree of traction on snow and ice. Spreaders keep the sipes open. Just like a windshield wiper, these penetrate the micro water layer on icy roads and can absorb water into the cavities of the tread. The new MS plus 77 therefore offers enhanced safety on icy roads. On snow-covered roads, these gripping edges provide additional traction so that the forces generated during braking and steering can be reliably transmitted.

Safe on very wet roads Comparing the new MS plus 77 performance with its predecessor shows the progress made in safety. For example, the Uniroyal tyre engineers have reduced the danger of aquaplaning by up to 5% and braking distances on wet roads by 2%. This also enhances the driving properties on snow and ice.This makes the new MS plus 77 from Uniroyal an even safer companion on wet, icy, or snow-covered roads.

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