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Getting about safely and quickly: The new Uniroyal RainSport 3 is ready to go

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) With the new Uniroyal RainSport 3, the inventor of the wet tyre is opening a new sporting chapter. To ensure the highest possible wet-weather performance for summer tyres, the developers took their lead from nature - specifically the structure of shark skin - to see how water could be drained as quickly as possible from the tyre contact area. In addition, the new tyre offers much greater performance overall for sporty cars. For example, handling in the wet and dry has been further improved, the braking distance on wet roads shortened, and the rolling resistance reduced considerably. The new sports tyre will be launched next summer and its size range covers around 95% of the demand for UHP tyres.

Car drivers demand safety - not only on dry roads, but also particularly on wet roads. Water drainage to prevent aquaplaning is therefore one of the key considerations in the development of wet road tyres. In response, engineers at Uniroyal have developed a new generation of asymmetrical profiles combining the advantages of unidirectional tread concepts with those of asymmetrical tread concepts. With its flow-optimized, asymmetrical tread, the Rainsport 3 offers a high level of protection against aquaplaning, precise handling on wet and dry roads, uniform abrasion, and comfortable driving behavior. The engineers also took their lead from nature. The skin of a shark is known for its ability to considerably reduce flow resistance. For the RainSport 3, a structure based on the placoid scales of a shark's skin has been incorporated in the grooves of the tyre. Shark skin technology (SST) reduces flow resistance and accelerates water drainage from the tyre's contact surface.

A further measure taken by the Uniroyal tyre developers involved designing wet sipes that extend diagonally across the tread structure to form multiple gripping edges that act when the brakes are applied on wet roads. This allows the new wet tyre to grip the road extremely effectively, thereby offering additional adhesion. The innovative compound of the tyre contact surface ensures a high level of adhesion on wet roads.

Wet tyres for sporty requirements must also provide a high level of adhesion to ensure precise handling and short braking distances on dry roads. The rigid blocks of the tyre shoulder as well as their flexibility in the circumferential direction come into play here. This means that the forces generated during cornering are reliably transmitted while the large ground contact surface can adapt perfectly to the road.

To achieve the best possible driving experience, the number and size of the tread blocks have been designed such that they run into the ground contact surface differently and generate uniform noise emission. This minimizes tyre and road noise and helps to ensure uniform tyre abrasion.

With regard to its performance, the new Uniroyal RainSport 3 clearly outdoes its tried-and-tested predecessor. For instance, braking distances on wet roads have been reduced by 8%, handling improved by 4%, and rolling resistance reduced by 14%. Choosing this new wet tyre can help to cut costs. The product range contains 106 articles, 13 of which are specially designed for SUVs. Uniroyal has incorporated 14 new sizes in its product range. The Uniroyal RainSport 3 is manufactured in series 55 to 30 and is suitable for wheel rims between 14 and 21 inches; the speed approvals are as high as 300 km/h (SI Y). As for the EU tyre label, all tyres from the new model have the highest wet braking class "A", and most sizes achieve class "C" for rolling resistance.

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The Belgian manufacturer of rubber goods, Englebert, had been producing tyres (for Continental AG, among others) since 1895. Following the merger with US Rubber in 1958, the company came to be known as Uniroyal Englebert. Uniroyal, the inventor of the wet tyre, has been a European brand of Continental AG, Hanover, since 1979.

With sales of €32.7 billion in 2012, Continental is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of brake systems, systems, and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tyres, and technical elastomers, Continental contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. Continental is also an expert partner in networked automobile communication. Continental currently has approximately 173,000 employees in 46 countries.

The Tyre division includes the Passenger and Light Truck Tyres, the Commercial Vehicle Tyres, and the Industrial Tyres business units, as well as the Two-Wheel Tyre activities. As one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers with more than 41,000 employees, the division achieved cumulative sales of more than €8.8 billion in 2011. The Tyre division currently has 22 production and development locations worldwide. The broad product range and continuous investments in R&D make a major contribution to cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility.

Continental is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger and light truck tyres in Europe and the world's fourth largest passenger car tyre manufacturer in the original equipment and replacement market. The product development focus of the Continental premium brand is to optimize all safety-relevant characteristics, while simultaneously minimizing rolling resistance.

The Commercial Vehicle Tyre business unit had sales of more than €1.8 billion in 2011, making it one of the largest manufacturers of truck, bus, and industrial tyres worldwide.

Continental's Tyre division is an official sponsor of the German DFB Cup, the UEFA EURO 2012TM in Poland and the Ukraine, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.