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Four Women on Continental Supervisory Board

(PresseBox) (Hanover, ) .
- Annual Shareholders' Meeting elects shareholder members to the Supervisory Board
- Employees also elected new representatives to the controlling body
- Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle, confirmed in office

On Friday, the newly formed Supervisory Board of Continental AG commenced its work in Hanover. The body counts four women among its members. The Annual Shareholders' Meeting previously saw ten members elected from among the shareholders. The ten employee representatives were selected back in March. The tenure of the previous Supervisory Board members came to an end at the close of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The new term of office will last until the end of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, which will resolve on the formal approval of actions for the 2018 fiscal year.

"Continental is in an extremely strong position. As one of the world's leading automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers, the company is a sought-after partner in the industry. The Supervisory Board will continue to actively support the company's strategy and will do everything in its power to ensure that Continental remains able to develop successfully now and in the long term. We look forward to continuing the trusting working relationship with the Executive Board, the company's staff, and staff representatives," declared Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle, who was re-elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "From now on, four women and 16 men on the Supervisory Board will help to determine the course for Continental. The proportion of women on the controlling body has now reached 20%. We have therefore exceeded our target of 15% female members in the 2014 Supervisory Board elections. This figure was previously 5%."

The Continental Supervisory Board is made up of ten shareholder members, who are elected at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, and ten employee members and represented union members, who are chosen by the employees. The Supervisory Board supports the work of the Executive Board, supervises it, and provides advice. It is involved in all decisions of material importance to the company.

Members of the Supervisory Board of Continental AG

Shareholder representatives

Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle, President and CEO of Linde AG (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Dr. Gunter Dunkel, Chairman of the Board of Management of Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale (Nord/LB)
Prof. Peter Gutzmer, Member of the Executive Board, Research and Development, Schaeffler AG
Prof. Klaus Mangold, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rothschild GmbH
Klaus Rosenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Schaeffler AG
Georg F. W. Schaeffler, Co-owner of the Schaeffler Group
Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, Co-owner of the Schaeffler Group
Prof. Siegfried Wolf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Machines OJSC
Dr. Bernd W. Voss, Member of Various Supervisory Boards (until September 30, 2014)

New members of the Supervisory Board

Prof. Rolf Nonnenmacher, Independent Auditor (from October 1, 2014)
Sabine Neuß, Member of the Management Board, Chief Operating Officer at Linde Material Handling GmbH

Members leaving the Supervisory Board

Prof. Hans-Olaf Henkel, Honorary Professor at the University of Mannheim
(From October 1, 2014) Bernd W. Voss, Member of Various Supervisory Boards

Employee representatives

Members of the Supervisory Board

Hartmut Meine, District Manager of IG Metall (Metalworkers' Union) for Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt (Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Hans Fischl, Chairman of the Corporate Works Council of Continental AG and Member of the Central Works Council of Continental Automotive GmbH
Peter Hausmann, Member of the Central Board of Executive Directors, IG BCE
Michael Iglhaut, Independent Works Council Member for the Frankfurt Location
Dirk Nordmann, Chairman of the Works Council for the Vahrenwald Plant, ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH
Artur Otto, Head of Marketing & Business Development, S&T Automotive (Management Representative)
Jörg Schönfelder, Chairman of the Works Council for the Korbach Plant, Chairman of the Europaforum
Erwin Wörle, Chairman of the Works Council of Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH and Chairman of the Works Council for the Ingolstadt Location

New members of the Supervisory Board

Elke Volkmann, Second Authorized Representative for the IG Metall Administration Office in North Hesse
Kirsten Vörkel, Chairman of the Works Council for the Dortmund Plant

Members leaving the Supervisory Board

Michael Deister, Chairman of the Works Council for the Stöcken Plant
Jörg Köhlinger, IG Metall for the Central Region

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