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Stämpfli Publications Ltd is Contentserv’s new Swiss Partner

With Stämpfli Publications Ltd., Bern, the software manufacturer Contentserv is expanding its partner network to include another leading Swiss system integrator for publication systems and media services.

(PresseBox) (Rohrbach, ) As part of the Swiss family company Stämpfli AG founded in 1799, Stämpfli Publications Ltd. is specialized in the planning, creation and production of publications and the integration of publication systems.

The Stämpfli Group has a wide customer base from various industry sectors. To optimally support their customer’s media and publications process needs entirely, Stämpfli is incorporating Contentserv’s modular Enterprise Marketing Management Solution into their system portfolio. This enables customers to map their own marketing management completely without media discontinuity. As a result, their complex web-to-print and web-to-publish projects are carried out with much greater efficiency.

Executive Director and co-owner Peter Stämpfli stated as one of the reasons for establishing the partnership with Contentserv: “Many of our customers are looking for stronger links to diverse marketing and communications activities in their companies. This creates a need for systems that are capable of mapping content management, creation and publication processes in various media channels. Contentserv enables us to provide bespoke solutions which keep apace with user requirements, steer clear of needless complexity for customers and provide solutions that do exactly what is demanded of them.” He continues: “We consider Contentserv’s complete concept as sustainable into the future. In seeking to build durable and flexible solutions with a long life for our customers, it is important to us that Contentserv is managed by its owners and has credible funding.”

From Stämpfli Publications’ perspective, every publication channel will find its appropriate application in the future. Especially in the manufacture of print products, it is vital to keep fix costs low. Contentserv’s system enables this by streamlining all the processes on a company level as well as on a departmental level.

“From our first meeting, Stämpfli impressed us with their enormous commitment and extensive knowledge in media and publication processes. We are pleased to further expand our Swiss partner network successfully with Stämpfli,” explains Petra Holzberger-Nwoko, Director Partner Management, Contentserv GmbH.

Now over 40 reliable solutions and technology partners assist Contentserv in the planning and the implementation of customer projects in Germany and Switzerland. Contentserv also has an international partner network that spans Europe and USA.

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