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PIMP my Multichannel Commerce- with central product data

"Research online - purchase offline"

(PresseBox) (Rohrbach, ) “Research online – purchase offline“ – nowadays customers do a lot of research before deciding to buy a certain product. It is therefore more and more important for companies to provide their target groups with relevant and consistent information at just the right moment using the right medium. This is made possible by means of Central Multichannel Management based on a flexible PIM system. Contentserv will be presenting these solutions at the SOM in Zurich.

Rohrbach, 24.03.2014 – In a survey from 2011, the GfK (market research company) projected an increase in the sales share of multichannel trade in the non-food industry of almost 50 per cent between 2009 and 2015. Since customer requirements change depending on each purchase situation, the favored distribution channel will vary as well. E-commerce is indeed playing an increasingly greater role when it comes to guiding customers in buying the right product. If companies interface with their customers at different touch points during their research, a purchase decision becomes all the more likely.

Multichannel as sales engine

The ECC survey “From Multi-Channel to Cross-Channel – changing consumer behavior“, was able to prove that prior to every third purchase at a local store, the consumer conducts lengthy research online. The GEMINI report “Challenges in Multichannel - new paths toward more marketing success” from 2012 explains that the active interconnection of existing distribution channels with new distribution channels such as e-commerce and mobile commerce lead to a better competitive edge in the medium and in the long run. Companies that actively enable their customers to hop channels can defend their market shares while even gaining new ones.

Consistent product information in different channels

Whoever wants to be more successful in Multichannel E-Commerce than their competitors has to offer their potential customers convincing and consistent product information across all media. Whether consumers consult an e-shop, a catalog or the local store – they should find the same information everywhere. This complex challenge can only be met with system support. However, a standard Multichannel Management solution does not exist as every company has different requirements for their product sales. Flexible tools for Marketing Information Management and Multichannel Publishing enable individual processes to be mapped that connect the respective distribution channels while consistently supplying them with content.

Supply product information to the e-shop and multiple channels at the same time

If product information is stored and maintained in one central workflow-controlled Marketing Information Management system such as Contentserv, new channels can be connected quickly and reliably. During this process, the integrated PIM system (Product Information Management) ensures that all product information is merged media neutrally and stored centrally in a well-structured manner. The product information can then be maintained and enriched with marketing content, media data and translations, which can be made available selectively for many different channels.
Data from ERP systems and file systems are also integrated during this process. Image data, templates, i.e. for printouts, as well as audio and video files are managed via the integrated Media Asset Management system and connected seamlessly to the product information.

Multichannel optimization for a competitive advantage in e-commerce

Customer service benefits from the high-quality, coordinated product information supplied to all channels, which leads to a strong brand image. Especially in e-commerce this goes hand in hand with other benefits. Consistent information supports the search engine optimization of the e-shop, increases the conversion rate and lowers the rate of returned goods since customers are able to find the products they have previously researched exactly as described through other touch points.

On April 9 and 10, 2014, Contentserv will present the current release CS 13.2 of its software solution for E-Commerce and Marketing Information Management at the SOM – Swiss Online Marketing - in Zurich, Hall 2, Stand H.07.

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