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High Security Protects against Hacker Attacks on Content-serv – with the ESA Security Manager

ESA Security Manager: Supporting Pillar of the Security Concept

(PresseBox) (Rohrbach, ) The software provider Contentserv has developed a sophisticated safety concept with the ESA Security Manager module. The Enterprise Marketing Management solution can be applied in the banking and pharmaceutical industries and other security and data intensive sectors.

As an essential module of the web-based Enterprise Marketing Management platform by Contentserv, the ESA Security Manager ensures the consistent safeguarding of the system and the data being managed in it under high-security requirements. It serves as an internal protective layer between incoming inquiries and the processes that follow. In this position, it checks every inquiry for valid data. It also checks the user authorization to transmit the inquiry before it is processed in the Contentserv solution.

During this process the ESA Security Manager provides protection against the most common kinds of hacker attacks. The module proved impressively that it is effective even under the most extreme conditions in the Sparkasse bank environment. At the Deutscher Sparkassenverlag the ESA Security Manager mastered the offensive penetration tests successfully, which involved simulated hacker attacks.
Where can the ESA Security Manager be Applied?

The application of the ESA Security Manager can always be recommended where security requirements are essential for data or processes. This applies especially in the bank and insurance sectors, as well as in pharmaceuticals and medical technology where highly sensitive data is being managed all the time. Furthermore, it maps the security requirements for freely accessible customer applications via internet and intranet (without a firewall).

It is standard that the ESA Security Manager completely secures the Contentserv CORE, the heart of the system. Special security guidelines are often required by different customers depending on industry-specific requirements. These can also be met through customization.

Protection Against Dangerous Attack Vectors
The ESA Security Manager protects especially against the following dangerous attack vectors according to the list found under

- Injection
- Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
- Insecure Direct Object References
- Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
- Failure to Restrict URL Access
- Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards.

Detailed information on the security concept of the Contentserv platform can be obtained directly from the manufacturer under Additional information on Contentserv solutions can be found under

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