Contentserv Plans Relaunch of its Brand

The software manufacturer Contentserv is getting a face lift and relaunching its corporate image with a new modern and contemporary logo.

Rohrbach, (PresseBox) - In previous years the manufacturer of Enterprise Marketing Management Software solutions Contentserv GmbH, has recorded rapid growth. In order to reflect the Contentserv brand and also to position itself to meet the strong consistent demands in the international markets, the software manufacturer is introducing a new logo and a compact corporate design.

Contentserv develops modular Enterprise Marketing Management Solutions to optimize the complex marketing, information and media processes. These solutions use the building block principle to interlink with each other. It is then fitting that the new simple and compact logo comprises two building blocks which are symbolically linked together to form the letters C and the S.

This logo was first presented as a product logo on Release CS11. In a second step, it is now coming to the foreground to be used as the corporate identity of Contentserv GmbH. “The new design guarantees a homogenous and contemporary appearance to Contentserv, its brand and all its new companies. The driving force behind this development is to ensure our expansion into new markets is consistently and clearly represented from the outset.” commented Patricia Kastner, CEO, Contentserv GmbH on the introduction of the company’s new corporate identity.

The new concise corporate identity reflects the structural changes within the company, the international expansion as well as the rapid growth and is to be used to ensure consistent internal and external communication.

For further information on Contentserv and their products please visit:

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CS Europe GmbH

CONTENTSERV GmbH is the software manufacturer for Enterprise Marketing Management Solutions. CONTENTSERV provides the creative system for marketing, sales and communication and is unique in its wholistic and user-friendly approach. All creative media and communication processes are supported with this approach. Media such as catalogs, portals and websites, magazines or advertising material are created professionally without specialized knowledge via the browser. Thus, processes are optimized, and considerable savings in costs and time are achieved. This in turn leads to quicker time to market for the product communication and to a clear competitive edge.

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