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CompuGROUP vita-X patient file provides optimum data protection

Personal web-based patient medical file

(PresseBox) (Koblenz, ) Federal Data Protection Commissioner Peter Schaar demands compliance with the highest standards of data security. CompuGROUP Holding AG, one of the leading e-health service providers in the world, fulfils these requirements with its vita-X patient file.

Federal Data Protection Commissioner Peter Schaar recently addressed participants at a sympo-sium on the telematics project in Hanover. Mr Schaar was quoted as follows in an article in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt of 22 May 2009: "Personal data are already collected on a large scale, by health insurers, pharmacies and physicians, for example." He also noted strong pressure with re-spect to the storage of data on the web, but added that these data are afforded no technical or legal protection, such as anti-seizure protection.

With the vita-X patient file, CompuGROUP already offers a system that provides the best possible protection: a combination of tested and certified data security and anti-seizure protection systems.

vita-X: tested and certified data security

In collaboration with data protection auditors and IT security experts from the TÜV Saarland, the vita-X specialists subjected all data-related processes to a rigorous review - from data transmission to storage on central servers to the retrieval and recording of patient data. The result: vita-X not only meets but clearly exceeds the strict statutory security requirements and ensures systematic data security in accordance with the highest standards. A corresponding certificate of "Tested Data Security" was issued by the TÜV Saarland in the autumn of 2008.

vita-X: anti-seizure protection

The vita-X technology provides optimum data security thanks to an anonymous, encrypted data storage system. In this way, patient data are protected against manipulation, theft and seizure. The technology was realized for the most part on the basis of patented methods of authentication and cryptography. Thanks to this innovative solution, it is technically impossible - even for administra-tors, insiders or confiscating institutions, to gain access to patient records. The vita-X security con-cept surpasses even the statutory anti-seizure protection requirements for physicians' surgeries.

"With the CompuGROUP vita-X patient file, all health service providers will be networked across sector boundaries and have immediate online access to relevant portions of a patient's medical data with the patient's consent. Thus vita-X offers an ideal opportunity to achieve further improve-ment in existing healthcare systems. The fact that we not only meet but actually exceed all legal and technical data security requirements is entirely in keeping with our policy", says Uwe Eibich, Executive Vice President Central Europe of CompuGROUP Holding AG. "The vita-X patient file", adds Eibich, "also provides an ideal basis for successful implementation. After all, CompuGROUP now reaches roughly 45% of all health service providers and some 330,000 physicians worldwide with its products."