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CompuGROUP announces plans to market a gematik-compatible connector for family-doctor-based medical care and the online phase of the German electronic health card

(PresseBox) (Koblenz, ) CompuGROUP Holding AG, one of the leading e-health service providers in the world, is actively involving itself in the upcoming telematics infrastructure market for the German healthcare sector and is about to launch the production of connectors in collaboration with KoCo Connector AG of Berlin. Plans call for production of a connector for the family-doctor-based medical care system in Baden-Württemberg in the near term. The release of a fully functional connector for the online phase of the implementation of the German electronic health card is envisioned for the second half of 2009.

Following a rigorous commercial and technical analysis of suppliers in the connector market (data security, handling and features in practice), CompuGROUP and KoCo Connector have formed a close alliance devoted to connector marketing and development.

CompuGROUP is convinced that the KoCo Box developed by KoCo Connector is technically superior in terms of system architecture, overall concept and individual components. By ensuring that data can be exchanged with optimum security, the unit will clear the way for physicians to treat patients with confidence even before a gematik-compatible telematics infrastructure is fully implemented.

The connector is the key component in the system that connects all participants in the healthcare system. Moreover, the KoCo Box offers the distinct advantage of cost-effective production, and will thus offer healthcare providers an excellent price-performance ratio.

During the first phase, the KoCo Box will be offered to family doctors in Baden-Württemberg for use as a connector. By the end of 2009, the KoCo Box will be available in a version which fully complies with gematik specifications for the online phase of the German electronic health card implementation. Certification is expected by March 2010 at the latest.

"We are convinced that we have found the leading product in the KoCo connector and are very pleased to be able to offer the unit to our customers, thereby enabling them to establishing a trouble-free, high performance connection to the telematics infrastructure. We also intend to offer physicians added-value online applications that will help improve the quality of medical treatment while reducing costs in the healthcare sector at the same time. The connector will play a key role in enhancing efficiency in the healthcare system", explains Frank Gotthardt, Chief Executive Officer of CompuGROUP Holding AG.

Norbert Kollack, founder and CEO of KoCo Connector AG, also emphasizes the tremendous importance of the alliance: "We are extremely pleased that CompuGROUP has expressed its confidence in us and now plans to offer our connector to its customers, who represent more than 45% of all healthcare providers in Germany. Equally important to us is the fact that CompuGROUP is the leading provider of solutions in many different fields of medical care, which means that the process of connecting all healthcare providers can progress even more rapidly and efficiently."

About KoCo Connector AG

KoCo Connector AG was founded by Norbert Kollack and Dr. Albert Coenen in August 2007. In its core business field, the firm has developed a specification-compliant serial connector - one of the most important components of the telematics infrastructure for the German electronic health card.

CompuGroup Medical AG

CompuGROUP Holding AG is one of the leading e-health companies in the world. Its software products designed to support medical and organizational activities in physicians' surgeries and hospitals, its information services for all parties involved in the health sector and its Web-based personal medical files contribute to the development of a more reliable and efficient health service system. The basis for the services offered by CompuGROUP is an unparalleled customer base comprising some 326,000 physicians, dentists, hospitals and networks, as well as other service providers. CompuGROUP is the e-health company with the widest global reach among service providers. The firm operates in 14 European countries, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the U.S. and currently employs roughly 2,700 people.