Social Distancing in the stadium, at concerts and at events!

Goodbye to games and events behind closed doors - Ensuring social distancing and tracing chains or infection in stadiums, event venues and arenas using the contact Tracker from Compike GmbH

Social Distancing in the stadium, at concerts and at events!
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Compike is a German technology start-up in the field of tracking & tracing, which focuses, among other things, on the development and marketing of a Corona Social Distance Tracker.

With the gradual cancellation of the ban on contacts and the much needed "ramp-up" of the economy, more and more people will return to their jobs in the next weeks and months. In this situation, it is all the more important that there is an effective method of being able to track all contacts of a Corona infected person seamlessly within an institution. Who was in the canteen with the infected person in the past few days, who was in the same meeting last week or had direct contact? The Compike “Corona Tracker” provides exactly these answers.

In addition to the traceability of contact chains in companies or other institutions, there is an increasing need in the field of professional sports and at large events. The objective here is:

- Away from games behind closed doors or virtual events towards a “partial opening” of the stadiums and arenas - comparable to the opening of restaurants and inns under strict hygiene guidelines on a smaller scale and with documentation of visitor traffic

- To enable fans to visit the stadium or the event location again
- Let the players or artists play in front of their fans again
- To strengthen the economic stability of the sports clubs, event operators and artists as well as the companies involved in the game or event operations (in addition to the television money, for example, further sales can be generated through audience revenue, fan article sales, catering and hotel accommodation)

A smartphone-based solution (“Corona app”) may be sufficient at the state or federal level, but it contains gaps that are too large for use at sporting or bigger events where a large number of people meet. Young children and senior citizens in particular often do not have a smartphone, others have deactivated Bluetooth, many have legitimate concerns about data protection or do not take their smartphone with them to the stadium, sports facility or event location. In order to enable a safe get-together of players, artists, staff and fans on the day of the game or event in Covid-19 times, at the same time to take the concerns of all involved seriously and also to ensure the basis for a procedure that complies with hygiene regulations, Compike has developed the Contact / Corona

The Corona Tracker is a small device, similar to a pager, which is worn on the belt or as a lanyard by supervisors, employees, staff and visitors. Just like the planned state Corona app, it uses radio signals to check who is nearby and for how long and records this information for the past 14 days (contact within a minimum distance of 1.5 meters / 5 feet between two or more people over a
defined period of time - e.g. 10 seconds). In case of a Corona infection, you can read the Tracker of the sick person in order to find out, who an infected person was in contact with on the day of the game or event in order to promptly and proactively warn this group of people and the health department and to coordinate a Corona test or quarantine. But only the relevant people need to be informed, tested or isolated, not entire departments, areas or the whole location due to a lack of transparency (appropriate Corona/Covid-19 tests can also be provided by Compike). In addition, the Tracker functions as a proximity sensor and gives an acoustic alarm in the event of a too close distance between two people - an important aid and reminder in complying with the social distancing requirements. No personal data is stored on the Tracker itself and there is no possibility of localization - the solution is therefore very data protection and works council friendly. Another very important factor is that - apart from the Trackers - no new infrastructure is required in or around the stadium or the venue. In sports, this property enables professional clubs, for example, to seamlessly track contacts of the athletes, coaches and employees in the stadium, the team hotel or the training facilities.

Optionally, the Tracker solution can be supplemented with systematic Covid-19 tests. Compike offers corresponding test kits for this purpose, which can be processes in numerous laboratories all around the globe with a sensitivity of over 99% within a very short time. If, for example, a "partial opening" of the stadiums is made possible again, weekly sports matches offer a unique opportunity to carry out a large number of Covid-19 tests over a longer period of time.

On our landing page you will find comprehensive information on our ready-to-run turnkey solution: The prices are list prices – special conditions apply for the sport and events sector.

- The Tracker is a very small, light-weight device
- The Tracker works completely self-sufficient, no new infrastructure is required in the stadiums or event locations
- The Tracker works like a proximity sensor and gives an acoustic alarm if the contact is too close (social distancing)
- If two people are too close, this "critical contact" is saved locally on the Tracker
- No personal data on the Tracker, no localization possible
- With the help of the Tracker, professional sports clubs and event locations can track the strict Corona measures with regard to contact tracking of all athletes, coaches, employees and visitors in all locations - no separate infrastructure is required

We are convinced that with the contact tracking solution we can make a very essential contribution to the smoothest (if not completely "normal") game day or event date in front of the audience in the coming months.
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