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TweetFunnel the corporate tweeting solution

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Tweetfunnel allows you to manage a Twitter account with multiple users that are then able to post as a single identity on Twitter. Such items as publishing on a schedule and establishing your timezone are configured in the account settings. This makes for a single point of entry for everyone that manages your corporate brand.

The basic idea of the service is a simple UI that allows multiple people to have an account on Tweetfunnel without knowing the main Twitter account password. This gives you granular control over who can perform updates and protects the brand account. Both contributors and publisher account types are currently available and I can see a few more roles coming along as they develop.

Once you assign a Twitter account to the profile, you can then add your users and use the tweeting interface. It has navigation similar in capability to Twitter web itself with home, mention and dm's. However, the extra tabs is what makes it a corporate client.

- Assigned
- Review Queue
- On Hold
- Scheduled
- Sent

This is where the roles come into play in having people make tweets in advance that are then approved.

After allowing the system to pull in the users the account follows, it then allows you to reply, dm, retweet, unfollow and favorite that tweet as normal. But it adds the extra capability of assigning the tweet to someone to answer/watch/whatever. Talk about brand management. Now there is no full workflow that I found, but that is a huge step.

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