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CRL Sweden releases world most advanced OEM MESH networking software suite for wireless communication, focused on killer performance and ease of use

(PresseBox) (Kalmar, Sweden, ) Specialist of OEM MESH software for wireless networks, CRL Sweden, is releasing a suite of products that combined serve as a complete turnkey solution for rapid adding of MESH capabilities to radio platforms such as WiFi, WiMAX or any proprietary system or radio standard.

The three components of the suite, C-CORE 2.0, Eclair 2.0 and NMS 2.0 have had major enhancements added and are now released as a customizable suite of software that can be used as a standard readytogo package or tailored to your needs.

The heart of the suite, the unique and highly adaptable C-CORE MESH driver, can be used stand alone for companies wishing to add MESH features to a proprietary operating system.

Eclair is CRL's Linux networking OS perfectly tuned to run with C-CORE. The minimal memory footprint of Eclair does even include a WebTool helping you to efficiently deploy and maintain your nodes without the need for a management server.

For customers with more complex networks CRL Sweden offer a centralized Network Management System. The NMS software gives you pointandclick access to topology views and needed tools for configuration and upgrades. A sophisticated solution for real time management of your wireless MESH network running CRL Eclair operating system.

We have included major improvements to our portfolio and bundled them to create a turnkey OEM software for companies wishing to have an advanced MESH solution out on the market quickly and affordable.

"We often work tightly with our customers customizing our software fulfilling certain requirement. By creating this new suite we satisfy customers needing less customization. We can very fast port our suite to new platforms or standards having them out on the market in weeks." says Björn Karlsson, Managing Director.

Whether you go turnkey with our complete OEM suit or porting to your existing solution, you will benefit from having a product of your own without spending years of R&D. "MESH solutions is the only thing we do, we support our customers with customizations and adding of new features as they evolve. For many companies MESH networking is still a new technology, CRL have been working with MESH protocols and radio technology for almost a decade. This is the knowhow we include to our customers." Says Björn.

Anders Lundström, R&D Director, "We have used our experience from delivering military MESH products to enhance our portfolio and create robust and userfriendly products.

CRL is constantly developing its products based on requirements from users and standards. OEM technology from CRL will always remain state of the art. That we promise.

"The most satisfying situations in my role as R&D Director is when I get feature requests from our customers, this is how our products get developed. Even better, in many cases I can answer that the features are already in our roadmap and soon to be released." Says Anders Lundström.

CRL Sweden have put more than 8 years of development behind our MESH products, CRL is fully focused on MESH and have a deep understanding of radio communication resulting in feature rich and robust products. Features include e.g. automatic channel switching with constant channel scanning combined with multiradio support for unique throughput. You can even do meshed true multicast over multiradio. Features also include a WebTool for easy configuration or an advanced management server for complex networks.

Mesh Communication to a new Level

Leading Mesh Technology from CRL Sweden is being used by Wireless Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators and Solutions providers' world wide. They put our Mesh Technology to work for endless purposes and applications including Broadband Networks, Telematics, Logistics, Mining and Military Applications. CRL Mesh suit can be utilized for single-, dual-, tri- and multiradio wireless mesh solutions. The Mesh drivers are radio agnostic and are working at the IP layer.

Multi-Channel Multi-Radio (MCMR)

Equipping nodes with multiple wireless interfaces/radios is a costeffective way to significantly increase the overall throughput and capacity in a wireless network. Once deployed, the nodes dynamically and autonomously choose available channels/frequencies aiming to diversify frequency usage, consequently maximizing the networks performance.

- Support for multiple wireless mesh backhaul radios per node
- Increased throughput in singlehop and multihop networks
- Negligible overhead for channel management
- Support for Roaming Nodes using a Single Network Card
- Suitable for both static and dynamic mobile networks


CRL Mesh suite supports Single-Source Multicast within the Mesh Network by using the designated multicast address space specified by standard RFC3171.

By its modular design, the Multicast Support is also available with Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Operation with channel scanning and automatic channel switching where adjacent multicast subscribers may be using different frequencies.

- Suitable for real time applications with minimal latency and highest QoS
- Fully compatible with Multi-Channel Multi-Radio (MCMR)
- Provides higher quality video and audio streaming due to single stream from source

Communication Research Labs Sweden AB

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