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WeRoam & Skype complete successful trials

(PresseBox) (Bern, ) Bern, 15 October 2007 — Comfone announces that in collaboration with Skype, they have completed successful trials of Skype’s WISPr software stack for hardware devices on WeRoam’s aggregated WLAN hotspot network.
The testing was completed over two phases; an initial visit to Comfone’s test facilities in Bern Switzerland by members of Skype’s technical team, followed by ongoing testing via remote facilities between Tallinn, Estonia and Bern.
“When initially approached by Skype to assist them with their software build for WISPr support for their platform, we were happy to suggest access to our in-house, test-hotspot facility” commented Toni Stadelmann, Vice Chairman Comfone. “Interfacing with Skype’s product management team has allowed us to open up a number of opportunities with a variety of Skype’s partners, including ISPs, broadband providers & OEM partners globally.”
WeRoam has worked closely with a number of software vendors and service provider customers across both mobile & fixed-line markets, to help provide stability around their implementation of the WISPr standard within their respective smart client infrastructure. By providing an easily accessible test facility on either a physical or remote basis, WeRoam allows software vendors and service providers the ability to thoroughly test software across nearly 60 wireless networks currently live on the WeRoam partner network.

About WISPr: Since it is difficult for a single service provider to build an infrastructure that offers global access to its subscribers, roaming between service providers is encouraged by the Wi-Fi Alliance with the WISPr protocol. WISPr is a set of recommendations approved by the alliance which facilitate inter-network and inter-operator roaming of Wi-Fi users.

About WeRoam
WeRoam is a trademark of Swiss company Comfone AG. Comfone provides roaming services to over 300 operators in 125 countries worldwide. Its services portfolio includes signalling, data, clearing, hubbing and convergence services.
WeRoam specialises in wholesale mobility management and roaming solutions for the fixed and mobile telecommunications sector. Its patented open roaming platform connects to 60 WISPs and offers an aggregated footprint of over 35,000 hotspots. Key solutions found in GSM technology have been adopted to make up the WeRoam service. This positions WeRoam as the only open roaming platform supporting both username/password and SIM based authentication for WLAN Roaming. All solutions easily integrate with existing products of Internet, Enterprise, GSM and VoIP service providers.
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