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The Incredibly Compact Power Meter That Delivers Serious Performance

PowerMax(TM) -USB/RS Sensors Enter Kilowatt Range Continued

(PresseBox) (München, ) Coherent's PowerMax-USB/RS sensors represent a significant step forward in convenience and ease-of-use in laser power measurement. Coherent has applied microelectronics miniaturization technology to encapsulate an entire power meter within a USB 2.0 and RS-232 cable connector. For direct plug-and-play PC functionality. PowerMax PC Software provides analysis of laser power readings, logs and trends data, and computes statistics from one or more sensors.

The result is a line of compact, economical power sensors that are able to measure a broad range of pulsed lasers and CW (continuous-wave) lasers with outputs from nW to kW benefiting a wide range of users, including system builders and laser manufacturers, and even field service and laboratory users.

Coherent Extends PowerMax-USB/RS Laser Power Meter Line

In addition to kilowatt sensors, several added low power sensors, and PM-model thermopiles with an even lower noise floor, have been included in the PowerMax-USB/RS sensors line-up. View the PowerMax-USB/RS Sensor page or download the product guide.

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Coherent Shared Services B.V. - P.Wallenta, Presse EU

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