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COHERENT at the VISION 2011 - Product Highlights

(PresseBox) (Dieburg, ) From 08th to 10th of November, the international machine vision branch meets at the VISION 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. COHERENT presents laser sources at its booth Hall 6, Booth No. 6B60.


- Fiber pigtailed diode laser system
- 660 nm, 640 nm, 488 nm, 445 nm, 405 nm
- Sharp edges
- Flexible spacing
- Square or rectangular

All CUBE FP lasers are compact, hands free, diode laser-based systems that never require realignment and deliver stable output power throughout their lifetime. These characteristics make them a very attractive replacement for He-Ne and other free-space and fiber-coupled lasers.


- Laser line generator and other structured light patterns
- 635 nm to 980 nm
- Power up to 200 mW
- Uniformity down to ±15% for laser line generators
- Wide range of patterns and fan angles

The Lasiris SNF laser transforms the familiar laser dot into a wide range of structured light patterns including single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to ±15%. Straight laser lines are projected by allowing one dimension of light to fan out while maintaining tight control over the other, resulting in a uniform sheet-of-light.

What distinguishes the SNF laser from conventional lasers (with cylindrical optics) is the evenness of the illumination pattern. Applications are machine vision, industrial inspection, 3D contour mapping, positioning & visualization.


- Compact thermoelectrically cooled diode laser head
- 375, 405, 445, 473, 640, 660, 785, 810, 830 nm
- Flexible lengths
- Flexible spacing
- Power up to 200 mW

The ColdRay line of Lasiris structured light projectors offers long laser lifetime and excellent wavelength, power and pointing stabilities. The laser's thermoelectric system maintains a constant laser diode temperature, allowing the use of these lasers in applications demanding consistency.

For applications requiring uniform flat-top illumination, the ColdRay can be easily integrated with our Flat Top Projector, an innovative beam shaping module that converts a gaussian beam to flat-top square or rectangular profile. The primary applications are industrial inspections.


- Compact, high power laser line generator
- 375, 405, 445, 670, 810, 980 nm
- High power laser in a compact package
- High pointing stability

The Lasiris PowerLine structured light laser is a line generator developed for demanding industrial machine vision and scientific applications. Bridging the power gap between the popular SNF and Magnum series lasers, this thermoelectrically cooled device is able to emit uniform laser lines at high powers.

PowerLine laser's transforms the familiar laser dot into a wide range of structured light patterns including single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to ±15%. PowerLine lasers are intended for machine vision, high-speed industrial inspection, 3D profiling and mapping, flow visualization and fluorescence-induced inspection.

Magnum II

- High power laser line generator
- Uniform, non-Gaussian intensity distribution along the line
- 635, 665, 680, 808, 810nm
- Power up to 7 W

The Lasiris Magnum II structured light laser is a high-power line generator developed for the most demanding industrial applications. It is available with a wide selection of output powers and fan angles and generates a uniform intensity distribution using patented line generating optics. In addition, the laser has high beam pointing and focusing stabilities.

The Magnum II is suitable for high-speed road & rail inspection, 3D profiling and mapping, web inspection, hot steel-plate, flow visualization, machine vision and fluorescence-induced inspection.


- Green laser (532 nm)
- High visibility, high contrast laser
- Stable output power
- Line generators that have a uniform intensity distribution
- Many patterns available
- Power up to 100 mW

The Lasiris green lasers generate output power stabilized by an internal photodiode. The spot projected is circular in shape, but it can be used with our patented optical line generators that provide uniform distribution of light instead of the more common gaussian distribution.

GLL laser's transforms the familiar laser dot into a wide range of structured light patterns including single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to ±15%.

Genesis MX-Series (STM)

- OPSL (optically pumped semiconductor laser) technology
- Wavelengths between 460 nm, 480 nm , 488 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 577 nm, 607 nm, and 639 nm
- 460 nm and 480 nm power up to 500 mW and 488nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 577 nm, 607 nm and 639 nm up to 1W in single tranverse mode
- TEM00 output

The Genesis MX-Series (STM) includes a laser head component with full system accessories for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or a fully packaged power supply and laser head, complete with front panel interface, shutter, and external interlock control.

Genesis allows new visible wavelengths and higher power levels due to Coherent proprietary OPSL technology. It offers high reliability for demanding environments, while higher optical powers enable higher throughputs.


- Wavelengths: 488, 514, 520, 635, 637, 640, 658, 660, 670, 685, 785, 810, 830, 980nm
- Power up to 200mW
- Wide variety of patterns with uniformity up to 95%
- External focusability
- External line reference
- Advanced Service Monitor Function
- RS232 controllable

Mechanically compatible with former SNF series, customer can upgrade existing system for higher performances.