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A digital brain for cyber_tracking of terrorism and financial risk

CO-MINING s new BI based security software supports actively the defense of global organized crime and manages the risk on the financial markets

(PresseBox) (Hanover, ) CO-DECISION TECHNOLOGY will be present at the CeBIT exhibition, March 5-9, 2008, within the Paris Region CeBIT 2008 Operation, in partnership with the French Agency for International Development, UBIFRANCE. The company will be located in Hall 009, B19D, within the French area.

CO-DECISION TECHNOLOGY will be presenting its «Man Machine Co-Decision» software, for Security, Defence and Finance sectors, with its leader "decider.track" ("dt") product. Business Intelligence is evolving towards the ability of machines to make decisions (cognitive analysis). It s a revolution in which CO-DECISION TECHNOLOGY is a major actor, thanks to developments lead by Dr Martine NAILLON, PhD in Mathematics, a specialist in advanced Cognitive Sciences.

In order to track the increasingly sophisticated fraud techniques, to track and validate rumours, and to anticipate terrorist acts, High-Tech professionals are joining forces to come out with new generation solutions. This is particularly the case of CO-DECISION TECHNOLOGY which introduces and develops revolutionary "Cyber_tracking" techniques by interconnecting heterogeneous data bases, to track, in cyberspace, over time, global organized crime and its worldwide interconnections.

In Finance industry, with "dt", the decision-makers, who are obliged to have sophisticated compliance tools regarding organized crime fighting IFRS requirements, can react efficiently and trustily on their daily duties. "dt" rationalizes decisional processes and based on "long term information tracking", it can detect suspect elements and evaluate if they are real threats for the banks.

How does it work?

"decider.track" or "dt" is based on a world- patented Co-Mining technological break through, that mimics the human brain s conscious and unconscious reasoning as an "Electronic Neurotransmitter", linking in space and time, for example, the financial databases or the files of several Police Services.

The migrating "Cyber_tracker", which travels around the cyber-world, interacts with local "cognitive agents" implemented, by CO-DECISION TECHNOLOGY, in the user s data bases. These agents reproduce the work procedures of Finance or Police professionals. Thanks to the interconnecting agents, the competitive strength of the Cyber_tracker is its ability to share information that is generally not interoperable.

Co-Mining is a new communication protocol in a world of secrecy, of heterogeneous and multiple cultures and of contradictory points of view. This is why "dt" tracks, throughout the entire world, the worst organized cyber crimes.

Participating in the CeBIT exhibition, CO-DECISION TECHNOLOGY aims to build relationships with technological and trade partners and to sell licences to Security, Defence and Finance customers and to promote the company s project of European security Eurostarts Euro_Track in the context of the Franco-German year.

Co-Decision Technology at CeBIT: Hall 9, Stand B19D


Co-Decision Technology was founded in 2001 by Martine Naillon, CEO and is based in Paris, France. The company is currently developing it s R&D activity in USA (Chicago), in France and in Italy. It is pursuing its International commercial development mainly in Canada and the United States and is building strategic relationships with American Companies, as well as in Emirates, Europe and South Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong). Among his partners in finance in the USA and Europe are FourthCodex (US), Exeura (Italy), RavenPack (Spain), Dow-Jones (UK and US), AFP (France). Leading international banks in New York, Toronto and the UAE are already positioned for testing the first prototypes. The company is also currently in advanced negotiations with the US Defence, the DOD and the US DHS and corporate Companies in this area as well as police services in America and Europe with its Eurostars Euro_Track project. Several large integrators in Defense are already joined to Co-Decision Technology.

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