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Micro-welding for medical equipment manufacturing

(PresseBox) (Landshut, ) Joining and bonding microscopic components, filmy foils and super-thin wires is a frequent task in medical engineering. The new laser welding machine TOLAS 1 from arteos is ideally suited for all these applications. With its electrically variable focus range from 10 to 50 µm, the TOLAS 1 can not only weld – it can also be used for drilling, cutting and structuring applications.

The TOLAS 1 by arteos uses a completely new developed, pulsed ND:YAG laser with a nominal output of 5 W and a non-visible, infrared 1.064 nm wavelength. The spot diameter of the laser beam can be electrically adjusted between 10 µm and 50 µm. This small spot diameter only melts small areas of the materials that are to be welded. This not only reduces the thermal stress of the components, it also prevents the objects from warping. Warp-free welding is a big issue when for instance a filmy foil is to be welded to a relatively thick metal ring.

As no application is identical to any other, arteos has developed a wide range of accessories for the TOLAS 1 micro-welder: The palette stretches from grippers to magazines, positioning aids, feeders, and microscopic cameras to protection chambers for vacuum welding or welding in a protective gas atmosphere as well as customer- or application-specific solutions.

While developing the TOLAS 1, arteos attached great importance to an intuitive user interface. The most important features are controlled by means of a touch-screen. With a footprint of 400 by 500 mm (approx. 16“ by 20“), the micro-welder only occupies the area of three sheets of typewriter paper. The electric power requirement is 1 kW; interfaces for external cooling are provided. The built-in stereo microscope with its 16-fold magnification allows for an immediate quality control of any welding processes. Thanks to the USB interface, settings and data can be read out or imported easily.
In addition t
o medical engineering, the TOLAS 1 micro-welder is ideally suited for applications in sensor manufacturing, in precision mechanics or for manufacturing electronic components like power semiconductors or power modules. Optionally, the TOLAS 1 can also be used for drilling, cutting and structuring applications.

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Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik

arteos GmbH focuses on joining and assembling components from nano-, micro- and precision mechanics technologies to hybrid products. The company’s goal is to improve the cost structure of its customers, especially in product development and product manufacturing. arteos achieves this by concentrating on mounting – the most important step in the manufacturing process.
arteos was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of ATAS GmbH, Seligenstadt, - a manufacturer of machine controls and peripheral components for industrial applications. The company is located in Seligenstadt, some 25 km (approx. 15 miles) east of Frankfurt and currently employs 12 people.

arteos is a member of the Micro Systems Technology Cluster, Landshut.

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