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Ciklum presents an eBook on how to DevOps a software project

(PresseBox) (Kiew, ) In today’s volatile world any business must change in order to meet the rapidly changing market requirements and trends, otherwise it will start losing customers. Change is needed to ensure your organization's Business Continuity (BC) - the activity you perform in your company to make sure all critical business functions are available to customers, vendors, business partners, regulators, and other stakeholders that must have access to these functions. However, the way most of changes are implemented raises a number of risks to all aspects of software products/services such as quality, performance, up-time, etc. The idea of DevOps is to maintain a healthy balance between dynamic processes (changes and features) and static processes (system’s stability). Ciklum presents an eBook based on our extensive Agile and DevOps consulting expertise and lessons learned from daily work with 165+ clients' Agile development teams.

The Ciklum eBook is targeted at business and/or product owners, IT heads and decision makers, project managers and other roles involved in software development processes. It aims to provide a basic understanding of the DevOps philosophy, adoption and business benefits to all organizations that need to bridge a gap between their software development and operations teams.

The eBook consists of 4 Chapters:

Chapter 1 “What is DevOps” explains how DevOps breaks the wall between software development and operations (production) and why it is needed to ensure business continuity (BI).

Chapter 2 “How to create a DevOps culture within your organization” highlights 4 building blocks of DevOps and explains why DevOps for teamwork is the same as Agile for software development.

Chapter 3 “DevOps Lifecycle” focuses on how to achieve lifecycle Agility through DevOps.

Chapter 4 “What DevOps Benefits Should You Expect?” unveils a DevOps formula of the working software

The eBook is available for free download at the Ciklum website.

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Ciklum ( ist ein dänisches IT-Outsourcing-Unternehmen, das auf Nearshore-Softwareentwicklung in der Ukraine spezialisiert ist und für Kunden eigene Entwicklerteams aufbaut und unterhält. Der Dienstleistungsrahmen und Wissensaustausch innerhalb der Firma helfen den Kunden, schnell, mit weniger Risiken und minimaler Investition die gewünschten Resultate zu erzielen. Ciklum wurde 2002 gegründet und beschäftigt heute knapp 2.000 Spezialisten in 165+ globalen Kundenteams. Ciklum hat sechs Entwicklungsbüros in der Ukraine, eins in Minsk und zwei in Pakistan sowie Repräsentationsbüros in der Schweiz, Deutschland, England, Schweden und Holland. Ciklum ist ein Gewinner des Red Herring 100 Europe 2009 und wurde in der Ukraine zweimal ausgezeichnet als bester IT-Arbeitgeber. Ciklum wurde dreimal als Top 100 Global Services Company 2010, 2011 und 2012 ausgezeichnet.