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Ciklum Introduces Comparative Agile Measurement System

Ciklum releases a new white paper on the basics of its unique Agile effectiveness measurement framework called CAMS.

(PresseBox) (München, ) After several years of consulting with the Agile development and project management gurus and thorough analysis of Agile behavior patterns from more than 80 clients’ own nearshore Agile software development teams, Ciklum has developed a unique tool to measure Agile effectiveness – the Comparative Agile Measurement System (CAMS).

To provide Agile practitioners with insights into the new tool's background and application to distributed software development and demonstrate real-life case stories of CAMS usage by such clients as Berlingske Media and Intranote, Ciklum has released a white paper that is currently available for free download from

Now when Agile software development is becoming very popular globally due to its proven effectiveness in reducing the cycle between idea generation and realization, minimizing risk of project goals’ misunderstanding, decreasing costs of addressing mistakes in software development and so on, many businesses need to monitor own adherence to Agile practices, measure efficiency of their distributed Agile teams, calculate ROI in their Agile Scrum education, etc.

As de facto there are no industry standards for measuring Agile effectiveness, it does not matter how good companies think they are at Agile unless they compare themselves against their peers and competitors. Ciklum developed a proprietary tool that aims to:

- Gauge productivity of distributed Agile teams in terms of teamwork, planning, knowledge, quality of delivery, technical practices, culture and requirements

- Visualize productivity gaps and detect roots of those gaps

- Develop solutions to improve teams’ productivity based on Agile best practices collected from more than 80 Ciklum Client Own Software Development Teams

Agile practices are an important pillar of each company’s overall business success. Assessing how well distributed development teams are at Agile adherence and identifying areas for improvement help provide Agile project managers / IT leaders with better business returns as well the ability to outpace competitors and accumulate valuable knowledge and Agile experience.

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