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CI-Mail-Policy – set rules -get action

Rules for Exchange Servers – Innovation price in Messaging 2008

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Electronic mail became main business correspondence a long time age. At present no one can imagine an office without e-mail. Microsoft Exchange Server is most popular and powerful solution for corporate mail. But, commonly encountered problem is in managing mail flows and execution some custom actions for incoming and outgoing mail. In this article, we want to present a tool for Exchange Server for managing mail.

Software wins Innovation price 2008!

CI-Mail-Policy CI-Mail-Policy is a server-side tool for processing in for incoming and outgoing mails on Exchange Server. It uses a similar approach to managing mail like rules in Outlook: you specify set of conditions and actions - a Rule. On message arrival, Mail-Policy checks conditions for each Rule and if conditions match, it executes actions. Simple and powerful and no scripts or coding needed. Here is some use cases:

- Disclaimers and signatures. You can set disclaimer for incoming, outgoing and internal mail. Disclaimer can be in text, html and rtf format or as attachment. Placement of disclaimer is also customizable - top, bottom of message or in text. Pictures and custom formatting are supported. Disclaimers support macros so you can specify some macros in text of disclaimer, and Mail-Policy will resolve these macros with information from Active Directory. (See Attachment: template.jpg)

We create a simple signature, with two macros "@@givenName" and "@@sn" and set Rule "Add disclaimer for outgoing messages". We didn t set condition - that means all outgoing messages will be with your signature. (See Attachment:finished.jpg)

You can use a numerous macros (addresses, phones, faxes, names) with information from Active Directory.
- Attachment management.
- Blocking messages.
- Application execution per message. You can specify application to run, when a message arrived.
- Tune and test rules with reports. Before you set rules for production server, you can test it with message reports. These reports contain detailed description of all mail process. (See Attachment:report.jpg)

CI-Mail-Policy has a numerous of conditions. Here a small overview of it:
- User Filters. You can filter recipients by email masks, Active Directory users, groups, organizational units
(See Attachments: Filter1.jpg, Filter2.jpg, Filter3.jpg)
- Word Filters. With word filter you can specify a detailed description for message content analysis:
(See Attachment: Wordfilter.jpg)
- Message content. Mail Policy extracts text of message for every format - txt, html, rtf.
- Exceptions. Further to conditions, rules can have exceptions for special cases.

New conditions and actions are available with every new version, and you can request for special actions and conditions.

CI-Mail-Policy works for Exchange 2000, 2003 and 2007 with all features. Uniform user interface will help you to support old systems and easily migrate to new versions of Exchange.

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