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febit Launches Analyzer for Geniom Ready-to-Go Biochips

Geniom quality for microarrays now available as Geniom RT Analyzer: Ready-to-Go Biochips for a broad range of applications

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, ) febit biotech today announced the launch of their Geniom RT Analyzer. The Geniom RT Analyzer will be introduced at the AMT 2007 (Advanced Microarray Technologies Conference, May 15-16, 2007, Edinburgh/Scotland).

As a standard application, the Analyzer allows sample hybridization, automated processing and analysis. However, the advanced microfluidics of the system, combined with unique optics, allow the instrument to be used in a number of applications that are not possible with standard microarray technology, e.g. on-chip enzymatic applications such as multiplex amplification on the chip. Other applications include ChIP-chip, Dynamic Detection (Melting Curves for real-time (RT) data monitoring) and signal enhancing protocols (Consecutive Signal Enhancement – CSE). The Geniom RT Analyzer is used with pre-synthesized Geniom Biochips and provides researchers with a true lab-on-chip technology that can be applied in genomics research. Another beneficial feature of the Geniom System is the ability to perform the cost and time saving “wash & rehyb” that allows every biochip to be used up to four times.

microRNA microarray-analysis is one of the most recent applications for on-demand biochips. They can keep up with this highly dynamic field which is characterized by a daily growing data-base of newly identified sequences. miRNA biochips supplement a broad range of applications as expression and epigenetic profiling, geno- and pathogentyping and much more.

The Geniom RT Analyzer is used in combination with Geniom Biochips, which have been synthesized on the Geniom One instrument (febit’s flagship product and full version) in the customer’s lab, or easily purchased as Ready-to-Go Biochips directly from febit. The content of Geniom Ready-to-Go Biochips can be chosen from a portfolio of digital microarrays provided by febit, or from public databases, amended or supplemented by additional genomic information specific to each customer, as necessary.

With the launch of the Geniom RT Analyzer and the enabling of new applications, current unmet needs of the scientific community are being addressed. The Geniom RT Analyzer presents an affordable investment into the possibilities of lab-on-chip technology for genomics researchers. “We want to give customers the possibility to use the unique Geniom Technology and obtain high quality data without necessarily investing in the full version Geniom One” Peer Staehler, CSO & Vice President Marketing of febit biotech gmbh, commented on the growth of the Geniom Product Family.

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With the DNA analysis device Geniom, the German-American biotech company febit provides Life Science researchers with multiple experimental opportunities: it enables users to design, synthesize and use a customized biochip right on their own laboratory bench. Geniom is an easy-to-use, compact benchtop device. Highly advanced software and the comprehensive support of febit´s full-service team means that researchers can use a complete spectrum of microarray applications with a single instrument that serves as a fully-automated, database-supported biochip synthesis unit in their lab: Geniom offers ready-to-use microarrays and applicable data for genomes of sequenced organisms. Researchers can create microarrays tailored to their specific needs. Within 48 hours, DNA sequence information is translated into results. The unique Geniom Technology is used primarily for basic research in molecular biology and medicine. Important applications include typing of genomes, SNPs and pathogens, enzyme-on-chip, miRNA profiling, transcription factor binding and many more.