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New from febit at Analytica 2008

Geniom RT Analyzer® simplifies microarray applications by automation and precision microfluidics

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg / Medford, Mass. (USA), ) febit biomed gmbh will introduce their latest product: the Geniom RT Analyzer® at Analytica 2008. The Geniom RT Analyzer now enables fully automated processing of microarrays on Geniom biochips. The compact all-in-one device employs a microfluidic biochip thus saving operating time and offering high sample throughput, excellent reproducibility, high sensitivity and a variety of additional applications.

The freely programmable and precise temperature control optimizes hybridizations and enables the use of enzymatic reactions directly on the microfluidic array for signal enhancement and primer extension assays.

Based upon the proven Geniom Technology, febit offers microarray analytics for a broad spectrum of DNA and RNA samples. The array design can be chosen from current databases or freely configured by the user. Geniom arrays are produced on demand at febit and subject to rigorous quality control before shipment to the customer.

Alternatively, researchers may prefer the Geniom One® System which enables integrated microarray synthesis in the user s laboratory, providing an independent workflow with complete control of the microarray experiments. For utmost flexibility and maximized throughput, both instruments can be utilized in combination.

The Geniom RT Analyzer at a glance

- Sample loading, hybridization, washing, staining and detection in one single benchtop instrument
- Active motion hybridization in the microchannels of the microarrays
- Precise temperature control for optimized hybridizations


- One device covers the complete workflow
- Convenient handling of microarrays
- Enhanced reproducibility and sensitivity plus higher sample throughput by automation

Geniom arrays are currently available for the following applications

- microRNA profiling (latest version of Sanger miRBase; efficient extension by additional content)
- mRNA profiling (pathway arrays, focus arrays, signature arrays)
- Custom microarrays produced on request according to user specifications

Hummingbird Diagnostics GmbH

febit enables scientists to read, write and understand the code of life: DNA. With its unique Geniom technology and services, febit is the only company that puts the control of simplified genomic research in the hand of the user. The seamless integration of DNA synthesis and analysis and the superior support in experiment design and bioinformatics helps to understand data and turn it into results. febit's team of experienced scientists is dedicated to support customers to solve the challenge of understanding biological processes. Geniom is a technological and service platform successfully implemented in basic and applied research by renowned institutions and companies. Geniom exploits cutting-edge microarray technology for analysis and synthesis of genes and genomes, providing superior time- and cost-efficiency combined with an unsurpassed spectrum of applications.