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New from febit: The Huge world of microRNAs on one Chip

Always up-to-date with the latest developments in microarray-based research, Geniom Biochips are now available on-demand for studies of miRNA, pathogens and more.

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, ) febit today announced a new application for its Geniom Microarray Technology: With immediate effect febit offers a Geniom Biochip for all known microRNA sequences. In addition to the miRNA from the most recent version of the Sanger Institute's public miRBase database, researchers can include oligonucleotides for detection of non-published sequences connected to their studies. Researchers will be able to use up-to-date miRNA arrays with the possibility to incorporate changes as they occur - virtually on a daily basis.

They have two possibilities to create these microRNA-Biochips: The Biochip can be chosen from a Geniom database, adjusted to special needs if required, and ordered from febit as a Ready-to-Go-Biochip or can be made on site by users of febit's flagship product, the Geniom One Instrument. The Geniom approach offers its users a unique editing option to include further miRNA targets from other sources, such as proprietary research. The Geniom One Instruments complement this feature with the on site synthesis of the Biochips to create 100% privacy of sensitive data if required.

Creating these Geniom Biochips on demand meets the requirements of the miRNA research field for profiling methods that can keep pace with the rapid and regular expansion in the number of miRNAs being identified by researchers.

The Geniom Technology is based upon a high-end microfluidic system and enables several unique assay for research: PCR-on-Chip, Chip2, Dynamic Detection (Melting Curves), signals enhancing protocols (CSE), Longmer synthesis - the wide variety of methodologies leads to new ways of application. Additionally, the small sample requirements benefit researchers by reducing sample usage.

The launch of the Ready-to-Go Biochips further enhances the recent announcement that febit will be releasing the Geniom Analyzer in summer 2007, for the hybridization and analysis of Geniom Chips, independent of the Geniom One Instrument.

As part of the launch of the RNA-application, febit biotech recently held a miRNA profiling workshop at their headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, for researchers from Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. The participants, who came from both industry and academia had the chance to test the Geniom microRNA biochips with their own samples. Attendees at the workshop spent three days working with their samples, presenting data and listening to guest speakers, culminating with analysis on miRNA arrays produced on the Geniom One Platform. "The microRNA analyses made with the Geniom Platform have once again demonstrated its'flexibility and the high quality of data obtainable on the platform", commented Dr. Markus Beier, Director Customer Care at febit, on the positive feedback from the workshops.

About microRNAs

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of regulatory RNA molecules that represent a previously ignored level for the control of gene expression in humans and other animals, plants, invertebrates and viruses. It is thought that miRNAs may regulate as much as 30% of all genes in the genome. Up until recent years miRNAs were a hidden level of gene regulation. Changes in the expression of miRNAs have been implicated as factors in diseased states such as cancer. It is currently thought that miRNAs are important for the maintenance of cellular identity. They are therefore of interest to research into cellular development and stem cells. The possibility that miRNAs may serve as biomarkers, or be targets for therapeutics has stimulated a surge of interest in these molecules. In the cell, miRNAs are found in form of single-stranded RNA molecules, which are typically 20-25 nucleotides long in their active form.

Hummingbird Diagnostics GmbH

Developing innovative and creative technologies for genomic research is the corporate mission of the febit group, a German-American biotech company. Geniom is a technological and service platform successfully used in basic and applied research of renowned institutions and companies. Geniom exploits cutting-edge microarray technology for analysis and synthesis of genes and genomes providing superior time and cost efficiency combined with an unsurpassed spectrum of applications (Geno-, SNP- and Pathogentyping, Enzyme-on-Chip, miRNA-Profiling and many more). With the unique Geniom Technology febit now enters the high-potential market of synthetic biology with a novel method for production of synthetic genes. Using both, highly integrated automation and extensive customizability, febit meets essential needs of current biomedical research.