IASB Underlines Importance of Networking in Synthetic Biology for Effective Biodefense

Heidelberg, (PresseBox) - The International Association of Synthetic Biology (IASB) has been invited to report at two recent US networking events about the latest technological developments in Synthetic Biology and the relevance of these innovations for biosafety and biosecurity. At the OECD/US National Academies/UK Royal Society Symposium in July 2009 and the FBI's Conference on Synthetic Biology in August 2009 leading institutions and associations in the field of Synthetic Biology discussed the status quo and the power of modern genetic tools using synthetic biology and its meaning for most up-to-date genomic research.

The rapid development in genetic research opened up by the new and powerful tools offered through the Synthetic Biology results in a big chance but also a challenge to bundle the possibilities in this new field. Technologies resulting from Synthetic Biology can be crucial for the required flexibility and speed for success in biosafety and biosecurity as the participants pointed out at the two networking events which brought together experts of this emerging field from all around the globe.

Cord F. Staehler, speaker on the behalf of the IASB at both conferences and CEO of febit holding gmbh, is very excited about these early steps of international networking in Synthetic Biology. He said: "The power of world-wide and institution-spanning research has been impressively demonstrated by the Human Genome Project. This kind of organization and drive will be the role model for the success of Synthetic Biology for genetic research as well as for any effective new area of biodefense against natural and man made threats as a prospectively global concern. Our near term goal is to support the establishment of a sister organisation to the IASB in the US as the most important market for genomic tools."

The IASB focuses on structural and networking issues to create a supporting environment in which the impact of Synthetic Biology as an emerging field will result in constructive and helpful tools for research and therewith unleash the power of this technology for effective biodefense and biosecurity. The International Association of Synthetic Biology (IASB) is a consortium of leading companies in synthetic biology. Founding members include ATG:Biosynthetics GmbH, Biomax Informatics AG, Entelechon GmbH, febit synbio GmbH and Sloning BioTechnology GmbH. For more information please visit www.ia-sb.eu.

About synthetic biology

Synthetic biology means the artificial construction of biological components and systems and is a promising branch of biological research. Fueled by the rapid progress of DNA synthesis techniques, synthetic biology offers unprecedented opportunities for the advancement of biological research. This powerful technology has a broad spectrum of applications, e.g. in vaccine development, optimization of drugs and renewable energy sources, among many others.

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