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Castolin Eutectic introduces two new welding equipment ranges

(PresseBox) (Schweiz, ) Two groups of welding machines have just been launched by Castolin in Europe, incorporating the latest technologies and specifically designed for ease of use and optimised welding results: the new CastoMIG and XuperArc welding equipment ranges.

The Flagship is the new XuperArc series comprising 3 models at 320, 400 and 500 amps. Featuring an advanced touchscreen control, Castolin builds on the innovative touch screen heritage from PTA machines. These multi-tasking machines were exhaustively tested in both standard joining, repair and maintenance applications, being both tough and advanced.

The welding machines can be used in workshops, mounting, production and automation. XuperArc and CastoMIG welding machines can be customized to the precise client needs due to their design. The customised repair programs, complimentary welding accessories, EN 1090-support and the ease of use are only a few of the machines' strengths.

XuperArc welding equipment range: Digitally controlled Pulse-Inverter for best welding results and multiple applications

- Touch-Screen control
- Progressive software support
- Integrated Castolin protection and repair programs
- Mobile or static use
- MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding

CastoMIG welding equipment range: Digitally controlled Standard-Inverter for best welding results and multiple applications

- Ease of use
- Easy transport
- Program control
- Integrated Castolin protection and repair programs
- MIG/MAG and MMA welding

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Wear phenomena cost the production industry millions of euro every year. Wear gradually reduces process efficiency and can lead to costly unplanned stoppages and the need to purchase and stock new replacement parts. Fortunately, worn or broken parts can be restored and protected against future wear.

True service starts on a local level from the local technical salesman, local CastoLab® Services workshop plus local product availability. However, being international and global has brought enormous customer benefits. Castolin Eutectic has been operating as a global company since the 1940s and today has engineers, offices, manufacturing plants and CastoLab® Services workshops in 100 countries on all 5 continents.