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No more fear about losing important data when saving them on a USB stick

(PresseBox) (Breisach, ) The takeMS MEM drive Biometric Scanline is one of the safest USB sticks which are currently available on the market. On this USB stick your data will be 100% protected.

takeMS International AG, a leading manufacturer of memory products is now offering an even better protection for your data. The new takeMS MEM drive Biometric Scanline is responding to the increasing demand in protection. In the future you do not need to be afraid of unauthorized access to the data when using this USB stick. It is currently one of the safest sticks medias on the USB stick market.

The user drags his fingertip over the sensor bar with a movement as uniform as possible. By using the Swipe Sensor Technology, it is excluded that so-called latency fingerprints will remain on the sensor after its use. The software Carry it Easy +Plus Bio is used with the takeMS Scanline.

In addition to all features of the software Carry it Easy +Plus, this special software version possesses the fingerprint recognition. You can register up to 10 different fingerprints. The memorized fingerprint is working in the same way as a password and only allows the owner to have access to the data. Furthermore, you can assign an additional password which will lock the stick in the same way as a safe. This way, it is being guaranteed that you can access your data even if your log-in finger is injured.

As for any other takeMS MEM drive, you can easily use the functions of the Carry it Easy +Plus software, such as e.g. Microsoft Outlook or file synchronization, traceless surfing on the Internet or the managing Internet favorites. The takeMS MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline is available with a capacity range from 1,2 and 4 GBs.

Since July 1st, 2006, takeMS International AG is acting as an independent company on the world market. Up to now, more than 6 million takeMS memories have been sold in more than 45 countries.

Therewith, takeMS is a leading manufacturer of memory products. Rapid, mobile, safe and available: memories need to work and make your data available always and anywhere. For this reason, takeMS has defined demanding German quality guidelines as its standard. National and international awards of the takeMS products are certifying young company in its high demand. Being convinced of our products, we grant warranty of 10 years on memory modules and of 5 years on our innovative flash and USB products.