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BSI CRM pilot successfully launched at Sanitas

The Swiss health insurer is bolstering its strategic focus on customer orientation with the introduction of BSI CRM

(PresseBox) (Baden, ) After just six months, BSI CRM is going live in a pilot operation at Sanitas with a closed user group. The health insurance company has thus quickly reached an important milestone on the path towards seamless customer relationship management. The 360° customer view and the systematic complaint management contribute towards achieving the mission in the area of customer satisfaction and to strengthening the focus even more on the customer orientation.

"We seek to be the pioneer in Switzerland with our customer-oriented CRM solution," stated Emanuele Diquattro, Head of Business Engineering & ICT at Sanitas in mid-March 2014. This goal is now a significant step closer for the health insurance company: BSI CRM was placed in pilot operation at Sanitas in the record time of just six months. According to plan, starting September 15, 2014, the 360° degree customer view and the complaint management will support selected employees while providing professional customer service. All other customer service employees along with others functions in lead management, lead reporting and automation will also beginning working with BSI CRM in the next phase at the beginning of 2015. "It is very ambitious to implement a CRM solution for a health insurer within half a year. Sanitas has proven that it can be done. Keeping close to the BSI CRM standard, we adapted processes to meet Sanitas' requirements and connected the core adcubum SYRIUS system. Great teamwork enabled us to meet the product objectives within the rather ambitious timeframe agreed to," enthused Project Manager Thomas Lindauer from BSI.

Seeing eye to eye with the customer

"We were able to design advisory consultations to be more customer-friendly and more efficient with the 360° customer view. The decentralized handling was replaced by a systematic complaint management. This means we can recognize improvement potential and take proactive measures. The cross-channel and cross-segment lead management facilitates the targeted processing of leads and thus the opportunity to deepen the relationship to our customer," stated Ulrich Schmid. The IT and insurance expert is in charge of the customer relationship management project at Sanitas. He expressed his satisfaction with the project start: "BSI has met our high expectations. The project works and the close cooperation and agile project method have proven themselves. The reproducible setup will help make sure that we will master the next phase just as successfully," according to Ulrich Schmid, who went on to add: "The CRM system will generate great added value in the future for Sanitas - I'm convinced of it."

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