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Flexible lighting design with products from Brumberg

QualityFlex® Select LED light strips ensure a perfect ambience

(PresseBox) (Sundern, ) Light is playing an increasingly important role in designing our work and living environments. Depending on the brightness and light colour, it can have a stimulating or calming effect. Ambient light creates a pleasant atmosphere in the perfect interplay with functional lighting. ‘Our new QualityFlex® Select LED strips are perfect for atmospheric lighting. We have reached a new level of quality with this product innovation’, explains Johannes Brumberg, managing director and owner of the family business in Sundern.

Highly flexible and maximum colour fidelity in four white tones: the white or coloured light strips are available in a variety of colour temperatures and light colours. As a rolled product with power inputs at both ends (300 mm each) and individual divisibility of the segments (corresponding to the pre-set division segments), QualityFlex® Select is highly flexible. The QualityFlex® programme also features maximum colour fidelity and a variety of white colour temperatures. Each LED flex strip is available in cool white, neutral white and in two warm white tones.

Genuine jacks of all trades

The QualityFlex® Select LED flex strips are genuine jacks of all trades in ambient lighting. They create atmospheric accents both indoors and out. At the same time, they are highly efficient and long-lasting. QualityFlex® Select is also flexible and can be customized in individual lengths. This innovative product can be integrated perfectly into the architecture of buildings and rooms. Ceiling panels and recesses can be smartly lit with QualityFlex® Select, and room dividers can be highlighted to great effect. The LED light strips create a genuine sense of well-being in wellness areas. Integrated into entrance areas or roof edges, they are effective in exterior areas as well.

Three protection classes for interior and exterior areas

With the three protection classes, IP00, IP62 and IP67, QualityFlex® Select can be used with correct installation in damp locations without quality loss or safety risk. Integrated into the ceilings of pool and wellness oases, QualityFlex® Select provides a soothing atmosphere . Furthermore, the LED flex strips are provided with a silicon coating in the IP67 protection class. They can thus also be used in bathrooms and wellness and outdoor areas.

Perfectly matched QualityFlex® Select profiles

Brumberg has achieved optimal thermal management in the interaction between the QualityFlex® Select LED strips and the recessed and extruded profiles. The profiles conduct away heat and at the same time protect the light strips. The matching profiles are in each case clearly assigned to the LED flex strips. This provides electricians and lighting planners a high level of safety when planning their projects.

Easy installation with adhesive film and plug-in system

High quality 3M adhesive film on the bottom of the strips facilitates the assembly of QualityFlex® Select in the aluminium profiles. Outfitting with a plug-in system is also available as an option for parallel inputs of several LED flex strips. The manufacture with power supply cables attached at both ends simplifies the installation of QualityFlex® Select.

A wide range of accessories

The expanded QualityFlex® Select product line includes useful accessories. For example, if the profiles are furnished with frosted or matt coverings, a more even light emission results. In addition to the matching end pieces and end caps, Brumberg also offers sets with mounting elements and screws. The QualityFlex® Select product line has an expanded range of recessed and extruded profiles for a wide range of installation and lighting situations. It is available in various lengths of 1m, 2m or prefabricated to the desired length.

Great selection, rapid availability and prefabricated delivery

On request, Brumberg supplies QualityFlex® Select prefabricated. For this purpose, the entire roll length is divided into the smallest divisible unit of length. This unit of length is identified in the catalogue for each QualityFlex® Select light strip. To order the desired overall length, simply order a multiple of the respective smallest unit of length plus the customization service.

LED flex strips are available in customized lengths:
  • Implementation up to 5 m with 4.8W, 9.6W, 14.4W, 19.2W or 28.8W
  • Implementation up to 15 m with 5W, 10W, or 20W
  • All LED flex strips in four white colour temperatures – from cool white to warm white – and in three protection classes – IP00, IP62 and IP67 – for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • 19.2W flex strip as Tunable White version (IP00) as well as vitaLED® colour strip (IP00 and IP62).
  • High lumen output and luminous efficiency per metre
  • Customized delivery with single end power feed of 300 mm

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The family-owned company, founded in 1873 by Hermann Josef Brumberg under the same name in Sundern - since 1985 known under the name Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG - has established itself as a professional lighting manufacturer in the high quality smart lighting technology sector. It is among the leading suppliers and offers professional lighting solutions for almost all application areas. In its portfolio there is a broad spectrum of LED lights and lighting fixtures with conventional light sources in various designs and power ratings. The company, family-run for five generations, is headed by the brothers Johannes and Benedikt Brumberg. In 2015, Brumberg became a partner of "eNet-Allianz with GIRA/JUNG" as well as of "FEELSMART". In 2016, Brumberg joined the strong brand alliance "Connected Comfort" as well as the "Initiative Elektromarken. Starke Partner." You can find further information at