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Steinweg-Böcker GIANT Lift

The powerful king size hoist for passengers and material

(PresseBox) (Werne, ) With GIANT Lift the Werne/Westphalia based company Steinweg-Böcker-Baumaschinen GmbH launched a new king size lift on "bauma 2007" in Munich. In single or twin cage operation the GIANT Lift lifts payloads up to 3,200 kg respectively 28 persons safely and quick up to 400 m in the height. Depending upon the layout the hoisting speed of the frequency controlled rack and pinion lift is between 30 and 60 m/minute. There are various cabin sizes available with a width of 1.50 m and a length between 3.00 and 3.80 m. The door and ramp systems of the cabins can be exchanged as per the requirements on the sites and even the optional C-door can easily be mounted respectively upgraded locally. A sturdy construction ensures long durability and highest operating reliability even under rough site conditions.

The 1,508 mm long zinc-plated square mast elements of the GIANT Lift are compatible to various manufacturers and are equipped with a screwed rack. The landing doors can alternatively be supplied complete or in single elements and can be assembled easily and quick. The interlocking is made mechanically and the unlocking is initiated upon arrival of the lift at the floor. The door locking respectively door position are electrically monitored. Upon request also door systems of various manufacturers can be used in connection with the GIANT Lift.

According to Frank Kolkmann, construction manager and registered manager of Steinweg Böcker special attention was given to the lift control. The GIANT Lift disposes of an intelligent microprocessor control unit in outdoor quality that allows preselection of floors and group control as in modern hotel lifts. The cabin is called by means of a sturdy keyboard (16 keys). The floor control as well can easily be fitted due to one-wire-technology. As per Frank Kolkmann the sturdy and weatherproof layout of all components was a basic requirement for the successful handling of projects in regions with extreme low temperatures as for example Norway where the GIANT Lift is already in operation.

There is a LED display for call and diagnostic function as well as a clear text display for the lift control, e.g. the display shows the appropriate floor, load and a possible failure. Optionally the control unit can be supplied with GSM module for remote diagnostic. Instead of the intelligent microprocessor control unit the GIANT Lift can of course be supplied with a simple control unit with joystick which is already used on job sites in the United Arab Emirates.

A special challenge for the GIANT Lift was a power plant project in Germany where it has been used for the construction of a cooling tower starting at an inclination of +17° and ending at -3° in 180 m height. To realize this requirement a telescoping special runway was developed for the safe access to the jacking formwork. Fold-away assembly platforms on the cabin roof furthermore ensure a safe access to the anchor plates at the outside walls of the cooling tower.

By means of a new developed remote control the hoist can be called from the jacking formwork thus the extremely sensitive laying of cables is unnecessary. A trolley being connected to the formwork ensures the precise positioning of the drive unit that reaches lifting speeds up to 60 m/min. A cable trolley with special cable guides furthermore ensures proper energy supply to the lift.

For further information regarding this project please contact Steinweg-Böcker-Baumaschinen GmbH being a member of the Böcker AG with main office in Werne and subsidiaries in Kassel, Leipzig and Munich.

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