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CD ROM provides technical information about Power Engineering

Power Engineering

(PresseBox) (Berg, ) Leading Czech developer of 3D production releases a demo CD ROM of the Temelín Power plant / Bitmanagement contributes BS Contact interactive 3D visualization-software to the CD project / CD is targeting both to explain the technology and function of the power plant as well as to increase acceptance

Many of modern technologies are quite inapprehensible to laymen and therefore need explanation. Particularly in that area three dimensional representations of explicit technical objects turned out to be notably appropriate to this requirement. 3D technology is able to open the eyes of people even for mostly unvisible details of engines, large scale plants or other technical objects. Due to this fact some of the discomfort evolving from technical matters can be resolved. A Czech producer of 3D animated informations, has released a CD ROM inviting people to look virtually into the power plant in Temelín.

The CD ROM is targeted to demonstrate a detailed depiction of the applied technology of the nuclear power plant and its operating mode, as well as the safety installations. Such a demo CD is optimally dedicated to illustrate technologies which are in need of explanation, to free citizens from concerns and fears. It's fitting not only for power plants but also for large scale plants in general. The CD is thereof produced for being handed out to visitors and all interested people of the Temelín The NPP in Temelín as 3D animated Model nuclear power plant. This way citizen can examine the technical details, improve their knowledge and might reduce their scepticism.

"It is the ISO 3D standard what it makes the Bitmanagement software so benefiting, because it forces the corresponding software industry to keep this technology state of the art. Moreover this 3D software enables interactive use and wide spreading distribution on the internet. Particularly the interactivity makes interested citizens to delve into this technology", says head of marketing and sales, Iveta Kleckova from SeeMax, Czechos-lovakia. "With Bitmanagement we won a worldwide acting partner who develops and distributes interactive and internet ready 3D software for visualizing 3D models in film-quality", she adds.

SeeMax does not only supply CD productions but also 3D applications and products of different kinds in the 3D World. Counted among are stereoscopic 3D films - being more realistic compared to regular 3D films - as well as applications in virtual worlds, where user can e.g. unbounded move their "alter ego" (avatar).

Bitmanagement Software GmbH

Bitmanagement Software GmbH (Berg, Germany) is a leading developer of interactive, real-time 3D and multimedia software for a diverse range of markets and applications, based on the international Web 3D standards X3D, VRML, MPEG-4, industry standard COLLADA and Java. Bitmanagement Software's product portfolio empowers business to rapidly develop and deploy custom, high performance, Internet enabled 3D solutions that are tailored to their particular market and seamlessly integrated with their existing hardware and software investments.

Formed in 2002 upon a solid technology foundation 10 years in development, Bitmanagement Software takes great pride in its proven track record of customer satisfaction and service delivery, its commitment to advancing Web 3D standards and its ongoing investment in technology and people,resulting in strong growth and positive cash flow to date and a positive financial outlook going forward.

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