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FP 115-S material test chambers with mechanical convection from BINDER carry out demanding quality testing

BINDER units are in use around the clock, 365 days a year at UL International's Thermoplastic Testing Center in Krefeld, Germany

(PresseBox) (Tuttlingen, ) UL TTC offers service from one source
The leading international supplier for compounding, test specimen production and testing and certification of innovative plastics has relied on material test chambers from BINDER GmbH for years. The accredited testing center headquartered in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, conducts over 200 test procedures on standard and high-performance plastics for a wide range of applications. Fully automatic injection molding machines are used for the specimen forms, where about 100 different test specimen forms for nearly all test requirements in accordance with ISO, ASTM, UL and CAMPUS are used. "We offer all services from one source and distinguish ourselves by our high capacity and short processing times," emphasizes Guido Peters, Project Engineer at UL TTC.

FP 115-S meets customer-specific requirements
In collaboration with UL TTC employees, the BINDER FP 115-S test chamber has been tailor-made for the customer-specific requirements of the testing center. Calibration of the temperature and air change rate has been simplified and accuracy increased. The concept developed for measuring the air change rate is unique and has been specifically designed for these test requirements. "When testing, it is particularly important that temperature accuracy throughout the heating chamber remain constant while adhering to a defined air change rate," explains Guido Peters. "Because we work in accordance with specific, demanding standards such as IEC 60216, ASTM D5423, ASTM D5374, high temperature accuracy and the calibrated air change rate are absolute musts." The APT.lineTM technology developed by BINDER makes this possible. The APT.lineTM technology with mechanical convection ensures short drying times and particularly rapid heat-up times. As a result, materials such as polyolefins and high-performance thermoplastics can be accurately tested in a qualified manner.

Material test chambers give it their all
The units normally run 365 days a year, where the storage times of the materials can be up to 7,000 hours. Because of the long storage times, material testing involves certain costs, which is why any failure of a test means more costs and time. This can be extremely frustrating for both UL TTC employees and for the customer. For this reason, the company takes no chances and only works with high-quality, reliable equipment. UL TTC employees especially value quick and uncomplicated service calls from BINDER.

Easy operating philosophy
The ease of operation of the material test chambers is a plus and contributes in making the application even easier and more convenient for the user. An integrated weekly program timer and digital temperature setting ensure quick and easy programming. Automatic data collection and documentation of temperature, unit status (ON/OFF) and error messages clearly document the test results. All relevant data is stored at the testing center in digital form. Testing center employees continuously monitor a large number of units from their workstations, allowing them to continuously review the test procedure and quickly intervene in case of emergency.


BINDER is the largest specialty manufacturer of simulation chambers for science and industry in the world. With its technical solutions, the company contributes significantly to improving the health and safety of people. Our range of products is suitable for routine applications, highly specialized work in research and development, production and quality assurance. With 350 employees worldwide and an export share of 80%, BINDER GmbH is planning to achieve sales figure of around 58 million euros in 2012.