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Magic-PCB® – the magic circuit board

Traceability by means of the RFID-Chip

(PresseBox) (Aarbergen, ) Reliable, durable and forgery-proof labelling of circuit boards is a necessity in today's world. This is primarily achieved using labels with bar codes or data-matrix codes attached to the circuit board surface. The increased population of the circuit boards often make it difficult to find a suitable location for such labels. There is also the possibility that the labels will become detached or illegible over time and they are also not forgery-proof.

Beta LAYOUT now offers a better option for circuit board labelling with its patented Magic-PCB® process. This process embeds fully automated application machine RFID chips, specially developed for series production, into the circuit board. The chip is integrated in the circuit board in one of the first production steps. This makes identification and traceability possible right from the start of production. The RFID-Chip is directly embedded in the FR4 material, removing the need to keep additional space free on the circuit board. Since the chip cannot be later removed without destroying the circuit board, this process also increases security. The optional connection of antennas to the chip allows for write-read distances of 2 mm to 5 m. The labelling with RFID chips is reliable due to the high reading accuracy and offers invisible protection against copying. The UHF technique, a global standard, makes its possible to use this technology worldwide.

The RFID chip can store revision information, firmware versions, parts lists, circuit diagrams and layout data information, documentation links, date codes, the factory name, the production sequence, the final product type, warranty/replacement information, the repair and upgrade history, customer data, anti-tampering information, etc. A reading device makes this information legible at all times, without visual contact. And further information and data can naturally be written to the chip at all times. Later, during installation at the customer site, the circuit boards can be allocated to certain modules and additional data stored. The RFID-Chip provides all of the product documentation up to the end of the product service life, enabling, for example, the tracking of electronic devices, protection against product pirating, and the sorting of the installed materials for recycling in accordance with the information stored on the chip.

Beta LAYOUT offers the UHF RFID Starter Kit with reader/writer and free software for a professional start in the usage of RFID technology. Beta LAYOUT describes the Magic-PCB® process in detail in its PCB-POOL® Internet shop; the associated hardware is sold through the eSTORE. Production with the application machine under the Beta LAYOUT license is possible for circuit board manufacturers, electronics developers and electronics manufacturers.

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Beta LAYOUT ( is a leading company in Europe in the field of printed circuit board services. Beta LAYOUT was founded in 1989 as a service provider for printed circuit board design. Today, Beta LAYOUT GmbH not only produces and sells printed circuit board prototypes, high-tech PCBs, and small series according to the PCB-POOL® shared-cost principle at three locations in Germany, but also laser-cut SMD stencils, front panels including laser engraving and colour printing, 3D prints and prototypes for collision detection, in addition to the BETA eSTORE which offers tools and accessories for prototype PCB builds. Moreover, Beta LAYOUT offers the embedding of RFID chips in printed circuit boards, and SMT/THT assembly. Beta LAYOUT, with its headquarters in Aarbergen/Germany and further locations in Ireland, France, South Africa, and the US, has more than 170 employees. Beta LAYOUT GmbH is ISO 9001 and UL-certified. This guarantees a quality standard that is required by worldwide operating industrial enterprises.