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Lumat3 -The Golden Standard of Tube Luminometers

(PresseBox) (Bad Wildbad, ) Already in its 3rd generation the Lumat3 offers the functionality, versatility and superior performance you can expect from an instrument developed by Berthold Technologies. Based on the experience of developing and building luminometers for more than 30 years the Lumat3 is an ultra-sensitive tube luminometer with state-of-the-art technology. On top, the Lumat3 is available in a configuration optimised for clinical diagnostics. True photon counting technology coupled with selected low noise photomultipliers and an optimised optical design lead to low and stable backgrounds. This results in high sensitivities.

Through its ultra-high sensitivity the Lumat3 is feasible in detecting extremely low amounts of analyte e.g. less than 1 amol ATP per tube and less than 0.5 zmol firefly luciferase per tube. The photon counting technology also guaranties convenience and security for every measurement over a high dynamic range. It spans 7 orders of magnitude without additional adjustments such as gain and high voltage settings. Furthermore its precise mechanics and intrinsic stability of photon counting technology assures unrivalled repeatability of measurements. The instrument's performance is stable over years. Lumat3 can be supplemented with up to 2 reagent injectors - based on the proven and highly precise JET technology. Different adapters offer the possibility to either use 12 ml lumi vials or Eppendorf tubes of 1-2ml volume sizes. Lumat3 comes with the user-friendly and intuitive ICE software allowing easy operating and data analysis.

The Lumat3 offers a huge variety of application options including reporter gene assays, luminescent immunoassays, caspase assays, kinase assays, ATP determination and toxicity determination.

Get to know or new Lumat3 and meet us at the Biotechnica in Hannover, Hall 9, Stand E02


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