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PowerDiff Version 6.2: Improved change management for Statemate Models

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) Berner & Mattner's new PowerDiff version 6.2 facilitates the development of complex systems with IBM Rational Statemate. PowerDiff is the only graphical diff tool for Statemate and ensures model consistency as well as the traceability of changes during the system's entire life cycle. The new version provides users especially of the defence, aeronautics and automotive sectors with extended functions for e. g. automatically generating clearly structured change reports at the push of a button. The pdf reports are completely linked; by clicking on a specific one, the user is guided directly to its change descriptions.

PowerDiff version 6.2 offers a large number of innovations for an improved and efficient change management for Statemate models. PowerDiffConvert enables conversions between various Statemate versions. The function establishes a consistent version status for the Statemate files to be compared. In doing so, PowerDiffConvert prevents pseudo differences caused by Statemate format changes. The new source/sink analyzing tool PowerDiffFlow allows for the listing of changes in source/sink references of data streams by means of reports. PowerDiffFlow considers commands of the Statemate action language during analysis and detects changes of data streams.

Another innovation affects the display of large truth tables in PowerDiff reports. PowerDiff is now able to fit the table columns to the width of the contained text. Where necessary, the page layout switches to landscape format in order to display more columns per page. For the purpose of further optimizing the table display, also the font size is scaled.

The license system has been switched to FLEXlm, which is also used by Statemate. This innovative and wellestablished approach enables popular procedures such as floating licenses, nodelocked licenses and license borrowing, thus meeting the requirements of large company networks.

PowerDiff 6.2 provides a flexible selection of desired comparison criteria such as "short description"/"long description" or "attributes". The tool allows for the easy composition of IBM Rational Statemate model hierarchies with manifold import, export and editing functions. Complex change reports consisting of up to several thousand pages are automatically generated with just one mouse click.

PowerDiff 6.2 users benefit from an even quicker analysis of Statemate model changes and can thus optimize their configuration management. The tool brings about better traceability of changes and provides complete documentation and concise validation.

Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH

Berner and Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH is specialized in custommade solutions für the specification, development and testing of complex electronic systems. Its competance spectrum ranges from consulting, conception, software and systems development to the setup and operation of entire test and integration systems.

On the basis of its products and services, Berner & Mattner provides customized software and engineering solutions for the automotive, aerospace, industrial automation, transportation, and defence industries. By means of its integrated modelbased approach, Berner and Mattner optimizes its customers' efficiency and quality in software and systems development. This is why well- known companies such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, EADS Germany and Siemens have been placing their trust in Berner and Mattner for many years. The privately owned company, with headquarters in Munich, was founded in 1979, currently employs 270 people and has been named a "Bavaria's best 50 for 2009" company.