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APROL – High availability at all levels

B&R process control with redundant servers, fieldbus networks and controllers

(PresseBox) (Eggelsberg, ) Starting with Release 4.0, B&R's APROL process control system provides maximum protection against system failure. APROL allows redundant systems to be set up at four different levels: fieldbus networks, controllers, runtime servers and operator stations. If the active system fails, an identical system running in parallel takes over all of its tasks. This prevents production downtime, improves process reliability and ensures products with consistent quality.

Redundancy with standard hardware

For some time, B&R has provided the option of using standard components from the X20 control system to establish controller redundancy. This eliminates the need for costly specialized hardware. Standard control computers from B&R's Automation PC series are also well-suited for constructing redundant server systems. Since the servers hold not only historical archives but also critical applications such as the real-time database and the alarm and trend servers, their failure would have severe consequences.

Changeover within a few milliseconds

The primary and secondary controllers or servers exchange data constantly via a redundancy link. Should the primary unit fail, the powerful real-time Ethernet POWERLINK provides a fast and seamless transition to the secondary controller within a few milliseconds.

APROL allows operator stations, which are typically redundant, to be designed using standard components. With POWERLINK, B&R offers flexible options for redundant fieldbus systems. APROL makes it possible to implement fieldbus redundancy using third-party systems. Configuration options can be used to enable or disable redundancy.

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