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The star is the car

CARIZZMA Citroën for celebrities in Cannes

(PresseBox) (Münster/Clermont/Cannes, ) Cannes - the captivating city on the Côte d'Azur, and the scene of film premieres that has stolen the hearts of Hollywood stars. On the occasion of the traditional film festival, a very special star celebrated its premiere: a Citroën C6, which has been rebuilt as a conference room on wheels. The luxurious deep black finish was produced by BASF Coatings. CARIZZMA®, the special car tuning paint from R-M, one of BASF Coatings' paint brands, was used for the luscious finish.

The dark car, elegant and powerful, is in view. Behind it is the palm-lined avenue stretching along the Côte d'Azur. In front of the car is a shimmery red velvet carpet and conference center, all lighted up and radiant. The car's side door opens. Cameras flash. There's a roar, then cheering. Welcome to Cannes!

While it carried the stars of this year's International Film Festival for just a brief moment, the car itself was one of the glamorous sights of the evening. And one of the reasons for this was the way the powerful Citroën C6's luxurious, deep black CARIZZMA® finish had been primped and shined. The car is one of a kind. Its exterior captivates its beholders with the special CARIZZMA® paint from R-M, a BASF Coatings' paint brand. And the interior is pretty special, too: Its customized state-of-the-art technology transforms the car into a rolling conference room, the "Mobile Office."

A temple of technology

Experts at the world-renowned automotive and lifestyle magazine Intersection refinished and rebuilt the Citroën C6. The result is a top-class luxury mobile office that the French editors in Cannes first used as a mobile conference room for interviews with the stars and celebrities. The car's exquisite equipment has been provided by a number of well-known partners who supported the tuning team with its project. SFR was responsible for the wireless connection, Christofle (silverware) turned the interior into a den of luxury, while Krug (Champagne) and Fauchon (delicatessen) provided refreshments. Tires by Michelin mounted on wheels by Parotech ensure a unique driving sensation and excellent road holding. By using these and other high-quality materials, the designers have created a car that stands out from the crowd for its aesthetics and technology. The partnership between Intersection, L'Ecurie (the performance tuner) and R-M is going to be the first in a series of projects.

Like a shadow in the night

The pièce de résistance of the Mobile Office is the four-layer finish from R-M's CARIZZMA line. Innovative additives lend this paint an incredible color depth. With their high-tech one-of-a-kind car, the designers also wanted to break new ground for color and design technology before they sent the C6 down the boulevard at the International Film Festival. They decided to go with the paint "Black Shadow," which made the car look as though it was completely cloaking its sporty curved body in the night-time darkness of the city on the French Riviera. With the Citroën as the flagship of the fleet, the reporters from Intersection plan to attend this year's most prestigious events and hunt for celebrities. With its debut in Cannes, the tour of the Mobile Office has just begun . . .

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