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Take it slow with ONYX DH!

R-M launches HB 004 SLOW and HYDROMIX SLOW

(PresseBox) (Münster, ) By launching two new additives for its ONYX HD line, BASF Coatings further strengthens its position at the forefront of waterborne automotive refinish paint technology. HB 004 SLOW and HYDROMIX SLOW will enrich the high-performance, environmentally compliant waterborne basecoat system ONYX HD which belongs to the R-M brand of BASF Coatings.

These slower additives are totally compatible with the existing HB 002 HYDROBASE and HYDROMIX products and have been specially developed to further improve the flexibility of ONYX HD. Used at high temperatures and lower humidity HB 004 SLOW and HYDROMIX SLOW avoid a too fast drying process which could have a negative impact on final finish quality.

In addition, these new slower additives are perfectly suited for use when applying ONYX HD to larger surfaces, such as light commercials or indeed complete re-sprays, where slower drying helps the painter to maintain a wet edge as well as ensuring a superb finish.

HB 004 SLOW and HYDROMIX SLOW provide a simple solution for refinishing with ONYX HD at temperatures ranging from 15 - 45°C and humidity from 20% up to 90% without any additional time-consuming application processes.

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Under the R-M brand, BASF markets a comprehensive range of automotive refinishing paint systems, focusing on eco-efficient waterborne basecoats and high-solids paints. By using these systems all legal solvent-reduction requirements can be complied with anywhere in the world, and with regard to appearance and resistance, the products meet the same quality standards as solvent-borne paints. In this area, the company offers a wide variety of services to support its customers. R-M Automotive Refinish is approved by most of the leading car manufacturers for aftermarket repair and chosen by the world's most prestigious car companies for its color expertise.