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Glasurit to present complete UV system in spring 2008

Lamp features combination of UV-A and infrared radiation

(PresseBox) (Münster, ) Glasurit, BASF Coatings’ brand of automotive refinish products, will be launching a complete UV system in spring 2008. This system includes a UV body filler, UV primer filler, UV clear, and UV blender. The UV system also features a lamp specially developed by BASF for this system that operates with UV-A and infrared radiation. This was announced by Glasurit Distribution Manager Germany Joachim Strassner and Glasurit Technical Sales Support Manager Ralf Robert during a Glasurit press conference in Ludwigshafen. In order to achieve perfect results, all the components of the paint system applied need to be suitable for UV radiation curing. This brings out the benefits of the new technology, including especially scratch-resistant finishes, shorter process times, and lower energy consumption.

The Glasurit UV system is particularly interesting for bodyshops with a high throughput or shops that do lots of spot repairs, meaning the refinishing of cosmetic damage. However, the UV system makes sense only if the complete range of components is available. Thus Glasurit offers the following products: 1K UV Body Filler, 1K UV Primer Filler, 1K UV Special Blender, 2K UV Clear, and 1K UV Blender.

The advantage of the combination of UV-A and infrared is that spraypainters can work in their usual way without being exposed to harmful UV-B rays. A shielded area of the bodyshop or special protective equipment for the skin is not necessary. The lamp itself is approximately 2 meters high and 1.5 meters wide. The cured application surface area measures 80 by 80 centimeters. The lamp contains an automatic program for each UV product, temperature and distance sensors, and lamp cartridges that swivel. The system is suitable for curing vertical surfaces.

For Joachim Strassner, the new technology is truly an innovation with lots of potential. As he put it, "What we’re talking about here is a shift in technology occurring over a period of at least ten years." He added that Glasurit had made a point of investing time and effort in research and development of the system – to the benefit of its customers. "Our customers need to genuinely benefit from the new technology, not just serve as guinea pigs. We will launch our system once we’re convinced we have reached the point at which we can achieve optimal benefits for our customers. And that will be the case in 2008."

The launch schedule calls for the use of the new products at pilot customers starting in February 2008. The second quarter of 2008 will then see the start of sales to all interested bodyshops.